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    haniff .mohamoodally

    This is elder abuse to the extreme. It is particulrly more shocking when the alleged perpertrator has been such an outsstanding contributor to clinicall nursing and nursing education for a period of over three decades in this country. It is such a pity as George Castledine whas been so ispiring and such a powerful role model for aspiring clinical nurses and practice educators in the UK. Right at this moment, my thoughts go to the the victim and the families who must have been traumatised by this very sad event…

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    Dirty Bast**d

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    Too little too late to screw him. He will get away. Birds of the same colour flock together. Saying that , he has not raped the woman, he is nt a paedophile, he is not a murderer. Now, the question is, is the regulator, i mean the nmc, fit to trial this case ? The Nmc has been failing nurses and the public for So long.


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