Pedigree spaniel reunited after thieves sole dog and escaped on a motorbike

WOLVERHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM – AUG 30, 2011: REUNITED – Pictured Pauline and Ian Parsons with daughter Ashleigh Parsons 16, re-united with their puppy Alfie after heartless opportunist thieves stole a 16-week-old pedigree spaniel puppy and the two men make good their escape on a motorbike, leaving the dogÕs owners distraught. The men grabbed the puppy in Kelvin Way trading estate in West Bromwich, but their snatch was caught by CCTV cameras.The dogÕs owners Pauline and Ian Parsons, both 45, of Amblecote in Brierley Hill, said they were ÒheartbrokenÓ by the loss of their pet.(Credit:Anita Maric


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