Three Generations of a Family Killed by Fire in Sheffield »

A faulty charger might be the cause of a ravaging fire, which destroyed the destiny of an entire family. The entire community is shocked. Thousands of people will participate to the funerals of the five deceased persons. The fire was spread instantly, leaving the people inside the home no chance to survive. According to the [...]

Ozzy Osbourne Invaded By Bats »

Ozzy Osbourne is known for his eccentricities, being known as the Prince of Darkness for his prodigious activity. Lately, he decided to take care of his impressive palace in Buckinghamshire, but it is not as easy as some might expect. Even if you have the money, sometimes nature is against you. This time, it is [...]

Britain Has No Intention of Limiting the Labour Market for Immigrants »

  Great Britain does not want to put barriers for the EU immigrants that want to work in the Albion, despite the controversies connected with this subject. This is the official statement of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, according to The Telegraph. The declaration was made to fight the rumours spread by some tabloids, [...]

Any Driver Should Know Those Tricks »

The daily drivers should definitely know this. It is possible to save more than 1000 Euro by knowing some tricks. Ford Motor said it once, and we only bring it to you. The study was made last month, with the goal of encouraging drivers to save more gas. Anticipating that families prepare for travelling for [...]

The “Atlántida of the North”, the Land That Sunk 8000 Years Ago »

Doggerland, a place situated n the Northern Sea, was sunk after a tsunami, more than 8200 years ago. It is named the Atlántida of the North, because of the similar destiny with this legendary island, mentioned by Plato in some of his most important works. John Hill, from the Imperial College in London, says that [...]

British Happiness Still “Average” »

The percentage of happiness is an interesting indicator, calculated by several universities. The indicator is calculated including a large number of factors, from the average income to life expectations. You might believe that the developed countries are the happiest. Generally, this is a true statement, but the chart of happiness is different from the one [...]

Fairies Photographed For The First Time? »

A university teacher from UK claims that he took the picture of fairies. The 53 years lector, ex member of the punk formation The Three Johns, showed some photos picturing some insects that look like fairies. He claims that the photos were not modified at all. Many people that saw those already changed their opinion [...]

Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s successor named by pope
27 Feb
Written by LaurenGrice

Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s successor named by pope »

By Lauren Grice Pope Benedict XVI has named archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia as the successor to cardinal Keith O’Brien in the position of archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Glasgow school blaze tackled by Strathclyde firefighters
26 Feb
Written by LauraMoulden

Glasgow school blaze tackled by Strathclyde firefighters »

By Laura Moulden Strathclyde firefighters have managed to get a blaze under control at a disused school in Glasgow.

Ben Nevis climber dies after falling 165ft
26 Feb
Written by GeraldHeneghan

Ben Nevis climber dies after falling 165ft »

By Gerald Heneghan A climber has died after suffering a fatal fall while climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland.


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