Luxury Destinations with Empty Pockets. What is Exchange Tourism or Couch Hiking? »

Do you want to see the world, but you don’t have too much money? Well, you can do that, and the couch surfers know this the best. Those are people going from country to country with the bus, and at the destination, they are accommodated free by the members of the community. The same members [...]

The Electronic Cigarette Should Be Forbidden in Public Places? »

There are more and more people using the electronic cigarette, and more spaces in which traditional smoking is forbidden. The electronic cigarette users are proud of their habit, displaying their devices everywhere with pride. The electronic cigarette might be an alternative for the traditional cancerous cigarettes, but is it fair to use those devices in [...]

The Thai Protesters Are Ready To Form a New Government »

The Thai protesters that are in the streets for quite a while, protesting against their government, announced that they are ready to for a new one. They say that the interim government lead by Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan is illegitimate. The government came in power yesterday, after the resignation of the former Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, member [...]


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