British Happiness Still “Average” »

The percentage of happiness is an interesting indicator, calculated by several universities. The indicator is calculated including a large number of factors, from the average income to life expectations. You might believe that the developed countries are the happiest. Generally, this is a true statement, but the chart of happiness is different from the one [...]

Fairies Photographed For The First Time? »

A university teacher from UK claims that he took the picture of fairies. The 53 years lector, ex member of the punk formation The Three Johns, showed some photos picturing some insects that look like fairies. He claims that the photos were not modified at all. Many people that saw those already changed their opinion [...]

Extremists Gain Political Capital in England »

With less than one month before the Euro Parliament Elections, and with one year before the general elections in the United Kingdom, the extremist party UKIP became the most popular. It is the first time when another party besides the traditional ones is on the first place in the preferences of people. UKIP is the [...]


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