Luis Suarez, the Best Player in England »

Luis Suarez prepares for what could be one of the most important years of his life. Besides the road to World Cup, he had a great run with Liverpool, and he was chosen as the best player of the season in England, Sunday night, from the Association of Professional Players (PFA). Louis Suarez received the [...]

Any Driver Should Know Those Tricks »

The daily drivers should definitely know this. It is possible to save more than 1000 Euro by knowing some tricks. Ford Motor said it once, and we only bring it to you. The study was made last month, with the goal of encouraging drivers to save more gas. Anticipating that families prepare for travelling for [...]

The “Atlántida of the North”, the Land That Sunk 8000 Years Ago »

Doggerland, a place situated n the Northern Sea, was sunk after a tsunami, more than 8200 years ago. It is named the Atlántida of the North, because of the similar destiny with this legendary island, mentioned by Plato in some of his most important works. John Hill, from the Imperial College in London, says that [...]


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