Scotland to Be Independent? What Would Happen Next? »

The boss of the London administration has not intention to resign if the September referendum will lead to the separation of Scotland from Great Britain, says Reuters. According to David Cameron, the “separation of the poor”, the Scottish, which are threatened to vote against the separation, only has a consultative purpose. Scotland will organize a [...]

The Perfect Woman has the Eyes of Kim Kardashian and the Shiny Hair of the Cambridge Duchess »

Five celebrities from USA and Great Britain, including Kim Kardashian and the Cambridge Duchess, Catherine, have some of the most attractive facial characteristics. Those were chosen to create the perfect face, according to The eyes of the perfect woman must be of the shape of almonds, such as Kim Kardashian. The perfect woman also [...]

A New Second League? »

The management of the Football Federation in England proposed the founding of a new league, in which the Premier League Young Teams would be accepted. The competition is supposed to be put under League Two (the fourth league), and according to the plans, it will start in the 2016-2107 season. The commission ruled by Greg [...]


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