The Islamic Group Boko Haram Threatens UK Again   »

                                  The extremist Islamic group Boko Haram, active in Nigeria during the latest weeks, claimed the kidnapping of 276 girl students, and threatened to that they will sell the girls for prostitution. USA and Great Britain offered technical support [...]

The Most Expensive Contamination »

  Cocaine is so consumed lately in Great Britain, were it discovered traces of drug in the potable water, according to a recent report. The specialists believe that Great Britain is one of the European countries where huge quantities of cocaine are consumed.   The study was made by the Inspectorate for Potable Water in [...]

Britain Has No Intention of Limiting the Labour Market for Immigrants »

  Great Britain does not want to put barriers for the EU immigrants that want to work in the Albion, despite the controversies connected with this subject. This is the official statement of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, according to The Telegraph. The declaration was made to fight the rumours spread by some tabloids, [...]


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