UKIP Leader Blames Media for an Attack on One OF the Important Party Members »

Gerard Batten is one of the preeminent figures of UKIP party, which recently asked the British Muslims to sign a code of conduct. According to the statements of the politician, a brick was thrown through his window, a few days after making this statement. Nigel Farange, the president of the party, claims that the media [...]

Belfast Police Investigating Loyalists and Paramilitaries Organizations »

Belfast police investigates the possibility of paramilitaries loyalist’s organizations to be involved into racial crimes. The story is more interesting, because the organizations accused of those crimes might also be involved in drug traffic. During the last few weeks, the number of racial attacks increased in Belfast and in the vicinities. The police questioned three [...]

Alarming Youth Unemployment Help Startups »

The increasing rate of unemployment in the UK is not a surprise anymore. The generations that graduated college from 2009 to 2014 were not the most fortunate, especially because they woke up on a labour market that does not offer so many perspectives. Even if unemployment is slowly reduced, the new graduates are not eager [...]


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