In the fast lane for a job
19 Mar
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In the fast lane for a job »

An out-of-work valeter has finally been offered a job after six months on the dole queue – by SITTING in his car with his CV on the windscreen. Desperate Lee Knowles, 42, wore a suit and sat in his spotless Renault Clio for three days before he was invited for an interview. He placed a [...]

Banned driver crashes into police car
3 Nov
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Banned driver crashes into police car »

A BUNGLING thief who tried to make off with a car after getting plastered at a mate’s wedding had his getaway cut short – when he ploughed straight into a POLICE CAR.   Inept robber Patrick Cawley, 27, wrote off the patrol vehicle after he rammed in to the driver’s side.   Police officers had [...]

Five-year-old girls death was avoidable
15 Oct
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Five-year-old girls death was avoidable »

THE death of a five-year-old girl – who was murdered by her father just three months after blundering authorities failed to take his death threats seriously – could have been prevented, a report has found. Tragic Gabrielle Grady died after dad Christopher – now serving a life sentence for her murder – deliberately drove a [...]

Cot that replaces car
23 May
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Cot that replaces car »

THE lack of sleep when you have a new baby is enough to drive anyone round the bend  –  quite literally as millions take to the roads in an attempt to rock their kids to sleep. But one company has come up with a novel solution that should save thousands of road miles – a [...]

Clamper makes £10m
22 May
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Clamper makes £10m »

A CONTROVERSIAL car clamping boss has boasted how he has made an astonishing £10 MILLION from towing away motorists. Walton Wilkins, who runs Midway Parks in Saltley, Birmingham, has made a fortune from motorists’ misery. His fleet of tow trucks patrols private car parks across the city, whisking away vehicles when their tickets expire – [...]


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