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Killer shrimp blinds cat

Killer shrimp blinds cat

A KILLER shrimp is believed to have BLINDED a pet cat after the unsuspecting feline drank from a garden pond. Distraught Betty Evans was shocked when her beloved Blossom went blind after sipping water from the pond in her back-garden. [...]

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Frazzle survived a 20mile trip under a bonnet

Kitten survies 20-mile journey under bonnet

THIS lucky kitten narrowly avoided a 'catastrophe' when he was found clinging to the engine of a car following a 20-mile journey. The young cat - aptly named Frazzle 

Friday 13th Lucky Cat

Friday 13th’s luckiest cat

IT'S like the plot of a horror film, a family member disappearing mysteriously on Friday 13th, but for the Paulins family the date incredibly marked both the loss

Feline super-injunction

First ever feline super-injunction

THEY say super injunctions are the preserve of the rich and famous, but one animal charity has taken one out to protect their very own Max Meow-sley. Charity Cats

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