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European unemployment nears 12 per cent

By Lauren Grice Unemployment in the euro area hit 11.9 per cent in January 2013, Eurostat has revealed today (March 1st).

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Cameron EU proposals gain backing of business leaders

By Gerald Heneghan David Cameron's proposals on renegotiating Britain's relationship with the European Union (EU) have gained the backing of British business leaders.

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David Cameron commits to referendum on Europe

By Gerald Heneghan David Cameron has pledged to implement a referendum into Britain's membership in the European Union (EU) if the Conservative Party wins the next election.

Clegg warns Cameron over EU referendum

By Gerald Heneghan Nick Clegg has issued a warning to David Cameron over potential plans to conduct a referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union (EU).

David Cameron seeks ‘fresh settlement’ on Europe

By Gerald Heneghan David Cameron has expressed his desire for a "fresh settlement" with Europe in a radio interview today (January 14th).

George Osborne threatens EU with UK walk-out

By Gerald Heneghan George Osborne has warned the European Union (EU) that it must change if Britain is to retain its membership.

Eurozone unemployment hits record high

By Laura Moulden Unemployment in the eurozone has hit an all-time high as November 2012 saw the total number of people out of work increase to 18.8m.

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