‘Friendly’ puppy rips girls face off
15 Dec
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‘Friendly’ puppy rips girls face off »

A MOTHER has told of the terrifying moment their ‘friendly’ puppy ‘flipped for no reason’ and savagely mauled her thirteen-year-old daughter, ripping off part of her face.   Iona Manson, 13, was left requiring 50 stitches to her horrific injuries after the family pet tore off a chunk of her nose.   Iona, from Birmingham, [...]

Alfie the lost dog found
31 Aug
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Alfie the lost dog found »

THE delighted owners of a 16-week-old puppy that was snatched by opportunistic motorcycle thieves have been reunited with their beloved pet. Tiny spaniel Alfie was taken by a pair of bandits in a bank raid-style operation last week and was captured on CCTV. Despite frantic efforts by his owners, Pauline and Ian Parsons, both 45, [...]

Dog beater jailed
27 Aug
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Dog beater jailed »

A MAN who was responsible for a hour-long “brutal attack” on a family dog which later had to be put down has been jailed for 23 weeks and banned from keeping animals for life. Christopher Wilson launched the savage attack on the helpess pooch – which belonged to his girl-friends mother, a court heard. The [...]


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