Rock naturally shaped like the UK

Rock naturally shaped like the UK

THIS striking piece of rock bears a remarkable resemblance to the British Isles.

The limestone rock looks like it has been sculpted to look like the UK but it is in fact extraordinarily naturally shaped that way.

The water-worn rock is currently on display at a garden centre in Willington, Bedford, where it has fascinated both staff and visitors alike.

Owner of Direct Garden Supplies Jane Dell ordered it from a supplier in Ireland five years ago but it was not until recently that the full extent of the shape became known.

Jane said: “I have had the rock at the garden centre for some time and it is quite remarkable to look at – it almost looks like it was sculpted to appear that way.

“It arrived as part of a load of a mixture of rockery and large pieces and when it was put down my first comment was ‘wow, it looks like our country.’

“It is obvious when you look at it from a birds eye view but not so clear when you walk past it.”

The rock has a hole through the middle and would make a lovely water feature in a garden, Jane added. It is on sale at the centre for GBP1,800 and has attracted a lot of attention.

“It is quite unusual. I would love to have it in my garden.

“A lot a of people in the area know about it and recognised it as the British Isles.

“We have had a few people interested in buying it but transporting it is a big issue. It would need a crane or something like that,” said Jane.

Customer Steve Hines, 42, said: “It really is an astonishing piece of rock. I am amazed how much it resembles the UK. I would love to take it home, but it’s just a bit pricey for me.”

Local resident and member of the Willington Historical Society Darel Carey has looked at the rock and thinks it should take pride of place at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

He said: “It is an extraordinary shape – from the coast of Kent to the West Country and the area near the Scottish border, it looks very accurate!

“It is certainly possible that I can get a message through to Lord Coe about the possibility of the rock featuring at the Olympics.

“I think something like this would really look the part at the London Olympics.”

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