American Citizens Cannot Find Voting Ballots Before Primary, Reveals Don Juravin

American Citizens Cannot Find Voting Ballots Before Primary, Reveals Don Juravin

Don Juravin, an American citizen of thirty-five years, wants to exercise his civic duty to vote in the state of Florida. The founder of Holy Land Ministry and the world’s #1 Weight Analysis will participate in choosing what is best for his county, his state, and his country. It is what good citizens do. 

However, there is a problem: it is almost impossible for Juravin to find his ballot online. The internet makes it easy for him to find his polling place. But there is no sample ballot for the date of March 17, 2020.

In order to determine what his ballot will be, Juravin has to enter his date of birth, and other pieces of information, just to request that a ballot be mailed to him. It is not accessible online. The language is also difficult to interpret and confusing for someone who is just looking to see who will be on the ballot.

The other problem: the ballot isn’t even available yet! And the election is the next day! So people who are searching for a ballot can’t even get one. There is no way to complain, either. There is no form of communication made available on the site. 

Don Juravin exposes irregularities in the Florida voters' information
Whom does such voters’ misinformation benefits? Asks Don Juravin

There is some voter information available for November 3, 2020, but it is arranged in a confusing fashion. There are words and acronyms being used for different candidates that make no sense.

No key is given to determine whether REP stands for Republican or Representative, says Anna Juravin

Anna Juravin attempts to undererstand the ballot
John Oliver relates to Don Juravin’s need for everyone goes voting

Juravin wonders if this is the system that the United States has relied on for every election. No wonder there are only two parties. How can voters know what they are voting for if the ballot is not made readily available?

Don Juravin Reveals Voter Manipulation in Florida

People who go to vote don’t have a lot of time to determine who they are voting for or what laws they want. Adults have full-time jobs and responsibilities that take up all of their time. They can’t sit down and spend hours trying to find out what is on their ballot. 

Most people who go to vote want to go into their polling station, vote, and leave to get on with their day. Some people have no choice but to fill out dots and pencil in names as fast as they can. Other voters are waiting impatiently to fill our their votes. 

Don Juravin REVEALS voter manipulation in Florida

So if an American citizen, tasked with the responsibility of choosing laws and leaders for the country, must go and vote, he needs to be informed. What is on the ballot? What laws are on the ballot? What are the pros and cons of each person running for office? Each person must decide for themselves. But in order to make that decision, each person should be able to readily access the information they need. 

This may be available for presidential elections, thanks to the mainstream media. But Juravin contends that for smaller, local elections that are just as important, it is almost impossible to find a ballot. Because of the crunch of time and the lack of resources, voters can only really pick the people that their party has chosen for them. This is voter manipulation. 

Finding a ballot in Florida

Juravin, who lives in Bella Collina, found on the website for Lake County elections that he could not see a sample ballot for the election on March 17, 2020. There were pages and links, but nothing that directly gave the information he needed in order to make a decision about who he was voting for the next day. 

True democracy is one that legitimately allows every single citizen to play some part in the decisions of their government. Voting should, by definition, have full participation. If people are not voting, then something is wrong with democracy. It is not a true democracy. 

Anna Juravin: It’s Disappointing

As a republic, we choose electors. Electors vote for us for four years. We are not able to fire them or punish them. They can cheat or trick us, all while promising us whatever we want to hear.

The Pew Research Center put out a piece describing Americans’ general dissatisfaction with the candidates provided to them in the presidential elections. People were in favor of most of their local candidates but felt that the presidential candidates did not represent them politically. 

People are only voting for party lines. Partisan politicians, whether extreme or otherwise, refuse to work with members of the other party. According to the Hill, over the past thirty years partisan politics have rendered Congress mostly ineffective. 

Easy?? Not really feel Lake County residents and other in Florida

Even though there are two parties, the Pew Research Center speculates that there should be eight. There are so many splits in each political party. None of these splits completely agree with each other. People often feel that their party, which houses their group, does not really represent them. 

According to a Gallup poll, 57% of Americans believe that there should at least be a third major party. I would like to suggest that it is time for every ideological group to form its own party in the United States. 

In Israel, there are many parties. Some of them have managed to get seats in the government, others have not. Rarely has one party maintained control. The people of Israel feel represented by their government.

Elections should not be held every four years. We should elect major figures early and often. Americans suffer from low voters’ turnout. Only 60% of Americans vote in presidential elections. Only 40% vote in midterm elections. Almost no one votes in state elections and local elections. Oftentimes a member of a city council needs only a handful of votes to get elected. 

In some countries, there are compulsory voting laws, but that is not necessary for the United States. What should be necessary is paid leave from everyone’s work to go vote. Election days should be paid holidays in order to facilitate citizens’ need to fulfill their duties. In a country that is based on equality, all people should have an equal opportunity to vote.

Change the voting technology

In order to make voting easier for American citizens, something must change. The controversy behind counting physical votes on paper ballots, the time wasted having people wait in line at the polls, the broken machinery on electronic ballots, all these things cause problems every election. 

Juravin: It’s Time to Improve How Americans Vote

The majority of Americans agree with Don Juravin that they should be able to vote at any time within a week time, instead of at some set time at 9 in the morning on a Tuesday. Officials are considering Juravin’s proposal to allow potential voters to activate voting rights with a fingerprint or live picture. There should also be a two-party verification system in order to prevent voting fraud. If people can boost the voting participation numbers to 90% or more per election, then voting fraud won’t matter as much as it does now, says an administration official supporting Juravin’s position.

You should be able to activate your device, with your fingerprint. You should be able to have two people verify that you are who you say you are. You should also have some form of verification to ensure that you are not voting under duress. 

People should automatically be registered to vote when they go into the Department of Motor Vehicles, or any other government bureau. There should be same-day registration available as well. Voter disenfranchisement should be stopped by allowing same-day registration, instead of making deadlines for it a week or two weeks before voting. 

“It shouldn’t be so difficult,” Says Anna Juravin

People should be able to vote any time they want to before the main election. Early voting and absentee ballots should be options for everyone. 

The current election technology is vulnerable to hacking. The paper ballots are too easily lost, duplicated, or unverified. The Broward County election situation in November of 2018 indicated that it was time to get rid of the paper ballot. 

Even though some scientists say that it is better to vote on paper because we know how to solve the problems, the problems haven’t been solved. If anything, it seems as if the problems have gotten worse over time. Putting all of the voting materials online will solve a few problems and will increase voters’ participation. 

More people should be hired by the government to help with voting technology. It’s such a key element of our government that it should be one of the primary focuses of the politicians. Improving and enhancing the ability to vote should be the number one priority. It is what keeps democracy alive. 

Source: Don Juravin

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