Skilled Stoneworking: 5 Things to Remember If You Want to Make It in the Granite Business

    One of the most lucrative building businesses in the country today is countertop installation. Often, homeowners want to create customized countertops, most frequently of granite.

    It doesn’t take a lot to get into the granite countertop fabrication and installation business in the grand scheme of things. It takes some know-how, or at least knowing someone who has it, and some  granite suppliers. By the end of this article, you will have more than enough of both to make it in the granite business.

    1. Get educated. While having a background in the granite business is a plus, it’s by no means required. Learning everything you can about getting into the granite countertop business is an excellent first step. There are not only classes about getting into the business available, but multi-day workshops as well.

    2. Find a location. It’s been said that the three most essential parts of having a successful business are location, location, and location. It might sound trite, but it’s true. It might be possible to start a business anywhere, but whether there’s a market for your product or service is entirely different. To be successful, a place where there is a robust building industry is essential. You can get this kind of information from a builders’ association or contact the local county’s geographic information systems office.

    3. Get to know your resources. To have a successful granite countertop business, you must be familiar with both sides of the market, building, and supply. With a high-end product such as granite countertops, customers will want to know a lot about their options, from the prices ranges to the availability of colors and patterns. This will necessitate knowing who you can get your materials from and how much you will need to spend to get what you want.

    Another essential aspect to being successful in the granite countertop business is to make sure you exploit as many aspects of the business as you are comfortable with. For example, being successful in the granite countertop business doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only offer fabrication services. You could also offer installations, sealing, resurfacing, and any other aspect you feel might have adequate demand.

    4. Invest in quality. Most, if not all, building trades require supplies and equipment. Granite countertop installation is no different. It won’t be necessary to invest in many things, such as a storefront and other items, at first, but it’s a good idea to plan. However, you will need some quality equipment to get started, such as diamond grinders, a truck, a trailer, and safety gear.

    5. Promote yourself unmercifully. The last, and perhaps most important, aspect of being successful in the granite countertop business is to promote yourself. This does not mean handing out business cards and sitting by the phone, waiting for customers to call. This means to aggressively go to where the suppliers and the builders are and ask for the business. Remember that, according to Reis and Trout’s book, Marketing Warfare, business is war. From this perspective, you should do everything that is ethically possible to get ahead, just as in battle.The granite countertop business has proven itself to be a thriving industry. However, it’s those businesspersons who are willing to put forth the work and the marketing enterprise that will succeed in the long run.

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