Six reasons why you should move to Clapham

Six reasons why you should move to Clapham

Clapham is a rather posh district in South London. Known for its luxurious homes, modern apartments and sky-high buildings with gorgeous views of the river Thames, the real estate market in Clapham has recently caught every property investor’s eye. Many people are flocking to buy property in Clapham from young professionals to first-time buyers and real estate investors and homeowners. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new home in the suburbs, especially if you’ve already been speaking to Clapham estate agents, here is a list of 6 reasons that you should buy a house in Clapham and move to this affluent district!

It’s all about the transport: Easy transport links to London

Clapham Junction is supposed to be one of the busiest stations in the whole country! While this may not sound like good news, it is an indicator of Clapham’s excellent transport links. From Clapham Junction, central London is just an 8-minute journey. With over 35 trains going to Clapham Junction to Waterloo every hour, London is very accessible and closeby. If you’re a young professional looking to buy a home in London’s outskirts, your own home that is close by to your place of work, then Clapham is a great area to move to.

Great homes at great prices: Buy prime properties in this town at affordable prices

Prime real estate in Clapham is relatively affordable. This is why many first-time buyers and homeowners are choosing to buy property in Clapham. Instead of owning a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of London, who wouldn’t want to own a three-bedroom house in the heart of Clapham for a relatively similar price? It is this price disparity that is inciting people to buy homes and apartments in Clapham. Also, since Clapham has become a rather popular area among property investors and first-time buyers, it is expected that the prices of real estate in Clapham will rise steadily in the coming years. In that case, an investment in Clapham’s real estate market will be highly profitable in the short term and the long run. 

It’s better for everyone: Family-friendly with a low crime rate

Clapham has a relatively low crime rate. Also, this village-like district is very family-friendly and has a strong sense of community. Couple these two factors together and Clapham becomes one of London’s best areas to bring up your children! It is precise because of these two factors that young couples are thinking about settling down in Clapham to start their own families in a safe and secure environment. Speaking of safe and secure, Nine Elms is a great family-friendly neighbourhood in this posh town. So, if you’re thinking about settling down in Clapham, you should get in touch with estate agents in Nine Elms!

You’ll always have a good time in Clapham: Great eateries and lively nightlife

Clapham is known for its fine-dining restaurant, the gourmet burger and pizza joints, those casual cafes that are perfect for coffee and conversations, and eateries serving delicious and authentic cuisines from all around the world. Clapham streets are filled with these restaurants, eateries and cafes, which means you don’t need to think twice about where to grab a bite to eat. Also, the nightlife in Clapham is rather happening. While Clapham may be a small district in South London, it has become trendy among youngsters because of its active nightlife, casual patio pubs, and the many modern bars that have opened up all around town.

The best place to live in London: All votes for Clapham

Clapham was voted as the best place to live in London! Time Out carried out a London survey to determine which city was the best place to live in London, called The City Living Survey. Time Out surveyed over 12,000 Londoners and asked them to rate their postal codes and London’s best area in their opinion. Not surprisingly, Clapham was nominated as the best place to live in London, because of its various dining options, its excellent transport links, a family-friendly atmosphere and most importantly, because of affordable real estate. If this isn’t a reason enough to move to Clapham, what is? Get in touch with letting agents in Clapham to find the perfect property for you in this beloved town!

It’s all about the development: Upcoming residential buildings, new leisure centres and more

Clapham has been developing in recent years. With new residential buildings in the pipeline, upcoming leisure centres and community centres, commercial spaces and new restaurants popping up every day, Clapham has become the development hub in South London. Now, you wouldn’t want to live in such an up and coming fancy suburb? To buy real estate in Clapham, get in touch with Orlando Reid Southwest London and central London estate agents.

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