The Luckiest Countries around the Globe

The Luckiest Countries around the Globe

When we talk about luck, we often relate it to success or everything that we desire in life. Subsequently, we realized that, yes, luck is a big part of everything that we want to pitch in life.

However, hard work and luck facilitate your goals. Subsequently, you often find people around you who are just born lucky and according to you, they are the perfect people all around the globe.

There are a lot of factors or events on which luck depends. A study conducted in July 2021 suggests that the factors on which luck of a nation depends primarily are:

  • Career Opportunities
  • Healthcare
  • Safety
  • Liberty
  • Life Satisfaction

The Luckiest Countries in the World

  1. Switzerland – Business and finance are key industries in this mountainous country
  2. Norway – Famous for its fjords and impressive coastlines. A great country for fishing, hiking and skiing.
  3. Iceland – Home to huge glaciers, geysers, and volcanoes
  4. Luxembourg – Wealthy landlocked city state.
  5. Denmark – Impressive healthcare system.
  6. Finland – Famous for its fashionable designs & diverse museums
  7. Australia – Both a country and a continent; unparalleled space and great weather.
  8. Sweden – Relaxed everyday life and good social mobility.
  9. Austria – Beautiful castles, palaces, and good business etiquette
  10. Netherlands – Homet to tulip fields, windmills, and strong civil liberties
  11. New Zealand – Great career opportunities and high quality of life
  12. Ireland – Great life expectancy, healthcare, and high average wages
  13. Belgium – Great food culture alongside prosperous work culture.
  14. Canada – Low crime rates and stunning landscapes.
  15. France – Excellent healthcare, fashion, and food.
  16. UK –Strong education culture .
  17. US – highest GDP overall
  18. Japan – Clean cities and a magnificent train network
  19. Germany – low cost of living,4th highest GDP
  20. Spain – Strong cultural life
  21. Slovenia – Business management and safety comfort.
  22. Czech Republic – Delicious beer and friendly people.
  23. Estonia – Beautiful, secluded, with the world’s best air quality
  24. Portugal – Stunning cities, beaches, and seafood.
  25. Korea – A centre of innovation and technology.
  26. Israel – Highly developed in terms of life expectancy and healthcare
  27. Poland – Affordable accommodation & a diverse economy
  28. Mexico – Low cost of living for international travellers.
  29. Turkey – Top tourist destination with idyllic coastlines
  30. Chile – Promising Latin American coastal country.
  31. Latvia – Up and coming Baltic destination.
  32. Greece – World famous for its popular islands.
  33. Hungary – Home to Budapest with its thermal spas.
  34. Slovakia- – decent life expectancy of around 78 years
  35. Lithuania – New hub for startups and tech companies.
  36. Italy – Cultural and historical mecca.

In no order of excellence, the other countries in the list includes:

  1. Taiwan
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Singapore
  5. Russia
  6. Cuba
  7. Argentina
  8. Brazil

The classification of countries to be among the luckiest countries in the world depends upon not just a few parameters but also the wealth and standard of the living of the people which includes their financial income that influences their lifestyle.

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