Horsemeat scandal: Birds Eye recalls three beef ready meals »

By Lauren Grice Birds Eye has announced a recall of three of its beef ready meals after DNA testing revealed the presence of horsemeat in one of its products.

Horsemeat scandal: Legal action begins in Europe »

By Gerald Heneghan Court cases related to the ongoing horsemeat contamination scandal are set to begin today (February 11th) in Europe.

Horsemeat scandal: FSA issues further guidance »

By Laura Moulden The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued further guidance on the contamination of beef products with horsemeat.

Horsemeat scandal: FSA demands tests on all beef products »

By Gerald Heneghan The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has demanded that the UK food industry carries out authenticity tests on all beef products as part of the ongoing investigation into horsemeat contamination.


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