Man’s new best friend – an app.

MAN may have a new best friend – a mobile phone app which ensures that they’ll never forget another anniversary. 

The ‘Mansaver’ iPhone app reminds forgetful fellas when those oh-so-important anniversaries are approaching. 

The free app asks men whether they are married or dating, before getting them to enter the start date of their relationship. 

Once it is set up, it displays reminders for important ‘milestone’ dates like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, meaning that the traditional dash to the florist’s or the last-minute restaurant booking are eliminated. 

Designed by US firm Oven Bits, Mansaver also caters to those whose partners are a little more ‘high-maintenance’ than others. 

On the app’s website, its makers say: “You know all of those crazy “100 days of dating” and “3 months of marriage” dates that girls seem to pull out of thin air? Well, Mansaver has you covered even on those.” 

Some of the more bizarre anniversaries which the app contains reminders for are ‘888 days’, ‘Make Snow Angels Day’ and ‘National Sundae Day’. 

The app randomly generates sentimental text messages, which blokes can then copy and paste into an SMS to their loved one. 

A typically cheesy example reads: “girl, if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” 

Its makers have attributed the male habit of failing to remember anniversaries to O.F.I.R.D.S- Often Important Forgetting Relational Dates Syndrome. 

But they haven’t yet said whether the app will be updated to remind blokes about birthdays and Mother’s Day. 

Mansaver has been met with approval by many blokes, who have described it as a ‘life-saving app’. 

Labourer Gavin Matthews, 25, said: “This is absolutely brilliant. I’ve lost count of how many times my missus has stopped talking to me for days at a time because I’ve not remembered some daft anniversary. 

“I guess I’ve got no excuse now, though – if I still forget then there’s no excuse, really.” 

Office Worker Lawrence Reid, 30, said: “I’m tempted to get an iPhone just for this – it’ll save me a few ear-bashings from the other half.”

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