Police force reveal bizarre UFO and Zombie sightings

A POLICE force have revealed a list of bizarre reports they have had in the last nine years – including 26 ghosts, 20 UFO’s and even two Zombie sightings.

Dyfed Powys Police released some of the more spooky and sinister calls they have received in the last 10 years.

Among the 3,300 requests they have received over the years include 20 possible visits from ET in the last nine years,  26 reports of hauntings by ghosts since 2006, 11 witches – and two of zombies and vampires respectively.

But it turned out the area is not a hotbed of supernatural activity, with one zombie report turning out to be a character from a horror film being shot in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire.

During the last five years the force have had to deal with over 3,300 requests, which police said had cost it over GBP500,000.

UFO sightings in Mid Wales include one in Caersws in October 2002, which was reported as a “bright light in the sky heading over mountains.”

There was also a report in Newtown in June 2008 of “flashing balls” believed to be two UFO’s and May 2009 in Llanidloes of three orange lights.

Since 2005 the public has a right to access a whole range of recorded information held by public authorities such as councils and police forces.

Between 2005 and 2010 there were even 36 incidents of big cat sightings or animal deaths where giant felines were suspected.

The reports add to Britain’s history of obsession with big cat spotting, including the famed ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’ that was believed to roam Cornwall, slaying livestock as it went.

The force has been swamped by requests for more unusual call outs. In response to another request about how much the force had spent on mediums, clairvoyants or other psychics during the last five years it said it did not use such services.

Whereas once upon a time a report of a witch would have lead to the ducking stool or being burned at the stake nowadays the police do not list it as a religion.

It said it could not respond to a request about how many of its officers had identified themselves as Pagan as it did not record “religion or faith as Pagan or any of the Pagan derivatives such as druid, heathen or Wiccan.”

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