Diana Yukawa, Revolutionary Violinist and Songwriter to Release EP on 18th March

London UK;  Revolutionary songwriter and violinist, Diana Yukawa is set to release her EP on 18th March 2013. The British artist will be releasing the 3 tracks, My Way Home, Juno and City of Shadows, worldwide (excluding Japan) digitally under the title Finding the Parallel.

In the years that followed her last album release with Sony Music, Yukawa has been working hard to establish her signature sound. In a recent interview, when asked about the music Yukawa described it as Electronic-Classical-Triphop. The music and the artist can only really be described as simply revolutionary and refreshing…. The London based songwriter and violinist feel’s that this EP has truly captured the sound she has been striving for.

Yukawa comments it’ been a long musical journey I have been on to create the music I’ve been so passionate to make. I have been combining different sounds that I love with the violin and finding the right balance of electronic and acoustic. It’s about love – love for music!”. The violinist continues “I suppose you could say the sound is a blend of classical and electronic. It lends itself really well to visuals, because I think it’s very atmospheric and emotive – lots of people say it sounds very filmy.” 

For the EP, Yukawa collaborated with Producers Alexis Smith and Joe Henson working closely to co-write the tracks.  Also known as “The Flight”, the duo’s skills are as diverse as their credits, having worked with Empire of The Sun,  St Lou Lou, Lana Del Rey and Bjork to name a few.

Yukawa was thrilled to have found these two great talents “Joe and Alexis really understand my musical direction and it was a great pleasure to work with the exceptionally talented duo”.

Yukawa is currently writing the material for her album which is speculated for release towards the end of the year. In addition to her own album Yukawa is also working with John Foxx and Benge  for a standalone album which is expected to get a release this year.

Also the violinist and songwriter collaborated with the notorious Nitin Sawhney on a track.  Nitin spoke highly of the songwriter; Diana’s tone is simply awe inspiring –  a true virtuoso and a joy to work with.”

The London based violinist has released three albums through Sony Music, the first when she was just 14 years old. Her last album “The Butterfly Effect” released in 2009 features original music co-written by the violinist. Yukawa comments “whilst the sound of the last album is rather different to the new material, The Butterfly Effect was really a great stride forward in establishing my future music direction”.

The violinist has led an extraordinary life. Born in Tokyo to an English ballet dancer and a Japanese banker just 3 weeks after the 1985 Japan Airlines disaster that took her father’s life, she has crossed cultural boundaries in her personal life and is pushing to cross even further in her professional life as a much celebrated violinist and songwriter.

“My goal is to create music that connects with listeners and to also reach people who perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily listen to my kind of music, or more “classical” and instrumental music. I want my music to evoke emotions.. it’s really as simple as that.”

Finding the Parallel, the EP will be available to download from 18th March 2013


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