The Voice Behind Diesel 10 Pens New Children’s Book


Neil Crone’s newest book is now available in the U.K.

ONTARIO, Canada – March 14, 2013. Canadian actor Neil Crone, best known in the U.K. for being the voice of Diesel 10, Splatter and Gordon the Big Blue Engine in the movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad has written a delightfully cheeky new children’s poetry book, Who Farted? Stories in verse for big and little kids, published by Wintertickle Press. It is now available in the U.K. through for £9.95

Aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12, this humorous anthology is illustrated by Wes Tyrell, a political cartoonist who used to live in the U.K. before moving to Canada. Besides being funny, this book also tackles such subjects as nick names, pets, overdue library books and friendships.

Crone recollects how this collection came about, “I just liked playing with words. When my kids were little, I was at home a lot more than your average Dad and therefore had all this wonderful time with them. I got to play with them and watch them and their friends. The poetry just kind of evolved out of that.”

“One of the favourite poems of audiences during readings is, of course, the one named after the title of the anthology ‘Who Farted’?” Crone continues, “there is always sniggering when I read this one.”

Who farted? Who farted?

Say who cut the cheese?

Who started the stink that is blowin’ in the breeze?

Who shooted the toot that brought me to my knees?

Can’t somebody tell me, oh please!


Who farted? Who farted?

Man, who dropped a rose?

Who made the nasty that’s now in my nose?

Who owns that backside from whence this arose?

It follows wherever I goes!


Who farted? Who farted?

Whoa! Who sliced the brie?

Who launched the butt missile marked S.B.D.?

Whoever did that, farts professionally!

Hey maybe it could’ve been me?

(Page 64 of Who Farted? Stories in verse for big & little kids)


Crone has been cast in over 40 movies and has had opportunity to act beside the likes of Meg Ryan and John Travolta. He has also appeared in many Canadian television series including the award-winning CBC series Little Mosque on the Prairie and Disney Channel’s Really Me! Crone makes his home in Ontario, Canada where he lives with his sons and dog, Owen.


Book Information

Who Farted? Stories in verse for big & little kids ISBN 978-1-894813563

Published by Wintertickle Press

Available through for £9.95


Contact Information

Neil is available for telephone, Skype and email interviews. For more information or to view previous media presentations, please visit


For more information, to book Neil for an interview or to request a review copy of the book, please contact Heather Down at

Released by: Wintertickle Press


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