Britannia Rules The… Vines?

Britannia Rules The… Vines?

Something is going on in the south of England. Something huge. Slowly but surely, the
UK is joining the quite closed club of wine producing countries. Indeed, due to global
warming, the south of England might become a better place than Champagne to
produce sparkling wines. Some even say that some parts of southern England could one
day surpass the fine vineyards of Alsace in eastern France!

If Brits are to grow more and more grapes, maybe it’s time for them to start improving
their knowledge about wine as well as their wine tasting skills. My VitiBox might just be
the right solution ! My VitiBox is a wine subscription box that will turn you into a wine
tasting expert. Each month, the subscribers receive a box containing two bottles of wine
selected by Alain Gousse, one of the best sommelier in France, and a booklet to go
through the wine-tasting experience.

My VitiBox is the guarantee to get at the same time the best wines and the best
knowledge. The wines are selected by Alain Gousse, former sommelier at famous
starred restaurant La Tour d’Argent, who then writes a booklet that includes tasting
cards to drive you through the wine tasting, chefs’ recipes to try food and wine pairings,
and facts about oenology to become an expert.

With Christmas approaching, My VitiBox could be a great opportunity to do a big favour
to your loved ones by offering them the best wines and some new knowledge for 2015 !

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