A mum whose daughter suffers from an extremely rare muscle condition has decided to get a permanent tribute tattoo on her chest – of her girl’s BRAIN.

Zara Gabriel got inked in honour of her daughter’s extreme bravery after she was born with a genetic mutation – showing a scan of her damaged brain.

Eleanor, 14, suffers with muscular dystrophy, cardiomyopathy and dystonia – all of which affect her ability to control body movement.

This combination of ailments means the teen is one of only five people in the world to suffer with the disability.

When she was just eight she underwent a brain operation called ‘deep brain stimulation’ (DBS) which involved placing a stimulator on her chest and doctors drilling into her brain in an attempt to help her control her muscle movements.

Zara, 36, said: “I wanted to raise awareness of dystonia and DBS but couldn’t think of anything appropriate until I saw a brain x-ray Eleanor had done showing her stimulator and electrodes.

“I love Gothic things – I am a big horror fan and always wanted to get a skull tattoo but didn’t want something everyone else has.

“So I decided to get Eleanor’s brain x-ray tattooed onto my chest as a tribute to her bravery and to raise awareness of dystonia and DBS.”

The family are now trying to raise money to build a hydrotherapy spa pool in the garden, as this is the only way for Eleanor to relieve the pain and exercise.

Zara said: “It all came about because a woman messaged me on Facebook who had a daughter going through a similar sort of thing but couldn’t find any information online.

“It made me think that poor woman was so worried and there was no support or information.

“Hopefully people will ask me what the tattoo is and I can explain all about it and the conditions.”

At the time of writing, the online fundraiser had raise more than £3,100 of its £5,000 target.

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