A brave Scots woman has run a charity race – just two days after completing cancer treatment.

Yvette Hutcheson took part in the Race for Life yesterday (Sun) after being chosen as a VIP for the event.

She shared her story on stage before running the 5k in Glasgow, which raises funds for Cancer Research UK.

Yvette was joined by friends and family for support, while her pet dog Scout took part in the run.

The 29 year old had her final radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre on May 20 this year.

She visited her GP after finding a lump in her right breast before being referred to the Victoria Hospital in Glasgow for tests.

She was with her dad, Bernard Bradley, when she was told it was likely she had cancer, on July 24 2015.

Yvette said: “Race for Life is a way to celebrate coming to the end of cancer, to celebrate getting my life back and to thank the people who have helped me get there.

“I’ve danced my way all along the 5k route today because I can. I feel so proud to be part of a powerful, passionate pink army of women at the frontline in the fight against cancer.

“Cancer has stolen almost a year of my life from me. It was a major shock when I was told I had cancer as I was still so young with no family history of the disease. But I refuse to let cancer take anything else from me. I’m through it thanks to the positive people who have been there for me every step of the way.”

Yvette had HER2 positive breast cancer and there was a risk the treatment could leave her infertile.

This led her to having IVF in August before starting cancer treatment.

On March 2 she had surgery to have the lump in her breast removed along with 13 lymph nodes under her arm.

Chemotherapy then shrunk the cancer from five and a half centimetres to 1.5cm with only dead cells left in the tumour.

She later had 20 sessions of radiotherapy to complete treatment.

Yvette now plans to train as a primary teacher.

Around 9,000 women took part in the Race for Life 5k in Glasgow yesterday (Sun).

Money raised at the event goes towards research into cures for cancer.

This includes the drug Herceptin, which Yvette will take for the next few years.

It can improve survival for people with a certain type of breast cancer.

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