The Exotic Names Owners Give Their Pets

The Exotic Names Owners Give Their Pets

Pet names inspired by film and TV may be more common that you think.

According to pet insurance provider ExoticDirect, many exotic pet owners are inspired by works of fiction when it comes to naming their pet, with Homer, Captain Hook and Dumbledore all making an appearance in their list of client pet names.

Homer is clearly a perfect choice for pythons – with two of the pythons listed named after the loveable dad. The Harry Potter franchise is also highly inspiring with Crookshanks the tortoise and Hogwart the Pygmy hedgehog also listed.

But, it’s not just TV and Film that attract the attention of exotic pet owners, real life celebrities provide inspiration too with Elvis, J-Lo and Angela Lansbury also making an appearance.

One creative owner decided to go the extra mile and name their pygmy hedgehog after not one, but two famous names. Albert Spinestein.

And it would seem that unique name creations aren’t rare. With Poly-Styrene, Prince Flump Muffin, Sir Creepalot and Sir Sheldon Shellington also making the list.

If you’re about to welcome a new pet into your family, make sure you think long and hard about the name. It’s definitely a time to get creative, after all you won’t have to worry about awkward nicknames or name calling like you do for a child.

But would you really be willing to shout Sir Creepalot down the street? We’re not quite convinced.

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