Medical News Today Reveals Four Best Apps That Help You Quit Smoking

Medical News Today Reveals Four Best Apps That Help You Quit Smoking

Medical News Today has just revealed some of the best and most helping apps for the smokers to let them quit the bad habit easily. It’s worth mentioning the apps selected by MNT were picked depending on their usability, effectiveness, how frequent they are updated, their designs, the ratings and above all their contribution in helping people quit smoking.

It’s inevitable to clear, though a large number of traditional smokers are switching to e-cigarettes as the diversity in flavor of e-liquids attracts them, many use the normal cigarettes. It’s not so easy to quit smoking as is figured out- the smoker faces challenges caused by nicotine withdrawal. You may face irritation, anxiety and difficulty in concentration but once you quit it successfully, it will add many years to your life.   We hope these apps will come in handy for the guys who seriously need to quit smoking.


This is totally a free app for android and iPhone users. The design, easy to use interface and colorful illustrations for the quitters make the app a perfect choice for millions of individuals. Not only you will have community support, the other smokers who are working on their habit also share their stories and motivation with you. MNT called it the best app to live a nicotine-free life and say good bye to your smoking habit. The data fetched into the app is based on the standards of World Health Organization.

Smoke Free

This is also a free app for all the users. You should have a smart phone to install the app and keep a record of your daily cigarette consumptions. With Smoke Free app you get data of your money consumed on smoking, the number of cigarettes smoked every single day and it also lets you reduce your cigarette consumption. This is the best app among all listed here. As soon as you start quitting, the app demonstrate how your health is improving by offering insights on blood pressure and oxygen and carbon monoxide levels, as well as changes that may be occurring to breathing, circulation, and lung cancer risk. Each day a new stop smoking task, known as a mission, is set to help you on the road to recovery. Smoke Free says that people who commit to completing missions are more likely to cease smoking altogether.

Quit It Lite

Hundred of apps are available on Play Store and App Store aiming to help the smokers quit their lethal habit but we have tested this and it comes in handy for the fresh users and the old who have quit it and never want to smoke again as well. Everything is manual. You will insert data of your daily cigarette consumption and the amount spent. The app’s health section lists the benefits of quitting smoking along with a percentage bar that shows in real time when you will achieve them. You can define your goals as an incentive to keep going, with anything from a cappuccino to a movie or musical ticket, and the app counts down until you have achieved your reward.

Quit Tracker

It’s a fact that you face a lot of challenges and problems when you want to quit smoking. For all this, you need a motivation and a reason that keeps you encourages. Quit Tracker is that kind of app offering your encouragement by providing the benefits you will have once you quit smoking. The app is free but if you want to fully utilize all the features, you will have to get its premium version. Quit Tracker could be useful for an ex-smoker who would like to see positive motivational facts to keep them from restarting smoking.

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