How Are Kiosks Helping to Transform the Parking Industry in the UK

How Are Kiosks Helping to Transform the Parking Industry in the UK

A few years ago, self-service kiosks and touchscreen customer service portals were relatively new phenomenons. Their development and application has become prolific during the last few years, however, while they are now in a position to transform consumerism in retail spaces.

This was reflected recently by major U.S. brand Walmart, who have followed Amazon’s lead by creating a virtual store in Oklahoma that is sustained almost entirely by intuitive kiosks.

This trend is also evident in other markets too, including the parking industry in the UK. Here is a breakdown of how kiosks are transforming the parking sector nationwide:

  1. The Emergence of Payment Kiosks

This trend is most evident in the form of parking payment kiosks, which offer drivers an additional way of paying for paid spaces. This is crucial, as restrictions can be dictated by the marketplace and in some instances the physical limitations of the space in question.

These kiosks are now commonplace across the UK, offering self-service assistance and flexible payment options to customers across the board. They also drive quick, accurate and simple transactions, negating the risk of human error and increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

These kiosks also enable operators to leverage the popularity of contactless payments, with this type of transaction having overtaken cash alternatives last year.

  1. Leveraging Big Data

The use of kiosks has also paved the way to leveraging additional examples of innovation in the modern age. Take big data, for example, which is a key phenomenon in modern business and one that reveals insightful trends relating to consumer behaviour.

In practical terms, sensors have helped operators to accumulate various data sets pertaining to occupancy, payment choices and the average length of stay. This information is then compiled and analysed to provide actionable intelligence, which can transform the consumer experience and optimise pricing.

This also makes it possible to tailor promotions, while some operators have even leverage big data to amend the layout of their parking locations.

  1. Enhancing the Typical Driving Experience

While parking facilities may represent the final stage of your journey, they can play a positive role in enhancing the typical driving experience.

This is a revelation that kiosks have brought to light, with touchscreens now being deployed to display safety data, report on real-time traffic restrictions and relay journey information. This can help you to make informed decisions about timings and routes, especially when travelling during busy periods.

Not only this, but space on kiosks may also be sold to third-party businesses, who can market targeted goods and services to travellers.

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