How to Choose Vintage Denim

How to Choose Vintage Denim

Some people choose wearing vintage clothes to be environmental responsible, to collect unique products, and some others only because it’s trendy. Be that as it may, buying vintage clothes is a big deal. It is always hard to find a piece that suits you perfectly. This happens due to the thousands of brands to choose from, cause either you prefer wearing classical vintage denim pieces, or more specific ones, vintage clothing is always a good idea to feel stylish and unique.

Why to Wear Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothing is a fascinating world. Antique pieces can add value to your life and to your wardrobe. They can highlight your style 100% and can add value to any wardrobe. Vintage stores select items extensively, are experts in fashion industry and know exactly the pieces that will make you never be out of fashion.

There are tons of different clothing, accessories and shoes. But there is one piece that is in every bodie’s wardrobe: a pair of blue jeans, the most most versatile item ever. We can find them long, skinny, mom, flare, boyfriend, among others. Countless shapes, colors and textures that will not only define your personality, but your mood.

Solving the Mystery of Choosing Vintage Blue Jeans

We can find jeans in tons of different fabrics, textures and colors nowadays, but some years ago this didn’t happen. Buying jeans was kind of easier, basically because there weren’t so many options to choose from. So actually, choosing jeans by color or shape is not a big deal. The tough part is getting a pair of vintage jeans that suits you in a right way as body shapes have changed during the past years.

Brands like Levis and Calvin Klein were made to accomodate curves. On the other hand Wrangler and Lee were made for less curvy people. These are, obviously, some of the most famous brands of denim jeans. But of course there are a lot more, like Page Blue Hoxton, or even less known brands which made beautiful pieces all around the world.

So, as we mentioned before, sizes have been changing over the years and the ones that were common those days may be totally different today. So tags on vintage denim jeans are not trustworthy nowadays. Therefore it is vital to measure yourself first before buying any vintage clothes, specially vintage denim. It’s recommended to have all your measurements clear to make the search easier. It is common to find online stores that provide customers the exact size of a piece and not only the size that’s on the tag. This way you’ll find the perfect denim clothing for you.  

It’s so amazing that in 21st century we are able to buy this kind of vintage clothing online and not only in physical shops. Having this feeling of comfortness and assurance that the pieces you’re buying will suit you perfectly is out of this world. Look out for a store inspired in an expressive dressing, a store that selects every piece with care and finesse. Cheer up and discover how by re-introducing past elements into the present can make you add value to your life and to your wardrobe.

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