What Does Amaiz Financial Service Offer

What Does Amaiz Financial Service Offer

Amaiz is a UK-based, fintech company that offers to build a better banking system for completely ignored but rapidly growing population segment-entrepreneurs and sole traders. With a team of accountants, categorization of self-assessment card costs, cash flow maps, instant updates and in-app invoicing, you have all covered in one app that acts as a one-stop shop for all the banking business. It’s the first business banking app developed for UK entrepreneurs.

It has a team of almost 50 people, all working together for one simple objective: to build a better business current account for entrepreneurs and sole traders.

What is their Mission?

Entrepreneurs, contractors, and sole traders have been playing an integral part in the UK economy, with a growing number of individuals opting to work on their own. That is one of the reasons why the goal of Amaiz is to improve entrepreneurs’ daily banking. To reward the struggling strivers who typically don’t have financial products crafted for them only.

The Amaiz app is designed to free you from time consuming paperwork by combining quick, easy business banking with accounting tools and techniques. It is available to use in app or web for your needs, also the accounting team is there to fix any problem, with a range of features to help develop your business further with the help of the team’s support readily available. Therefore, they aim to relieve their customers from a lot of paperwork by allowing a suitable, quick banking service.

What is it for?

The founder of Amaiz, Sergey Dobrovolskiy says, by getting all business operations in one spot will help you manage your finances conveniently and focus more on what is essentially important: advancement and growth of a business. The idea behind launching the Amaiz app was to help striving entrepreneurs to stay on top of their finances.

Who needs the app?

Many self-employed people, solo traders, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and many others who would want to lessen the management process of their business can find this application suitable for their needs. Amaiz proves to be a highly functional mobile banking application that enables you to handle your business effectively with the help of tools provided in the app.

The Pricing structure of Amaiz

Amaiz free trials are underway for entrepreneurs and will run until September, from which a regular monthly cost of£ 9.99 would apply. The first month will be completely free for all new applicants, with exclusive yearly subscription package available for a limited period at a lower price.

Transactions can be made via your contactless prepaid account card, with the in-app pin and card management. Amaiz has a team running 24/7 to help and support you in any way required.


Amaiz aims to improve banking for small business owners, either it’s for company executive, motivated entrepreneurs, sole traders, contractors. New striving entrepreneurs are dynamically changing the shape of the UK economy, and Amaiz is helping them develop and grow with their vast features and accounting team.

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