How People Have Been Spending Quarantine

How People Have Been Spending Quarantine

With plenty of people stuck at home in quarantine during the worldwide pandemic, many hobbies or pastimes have seen a resurgence and websites have seen increased traffic as people go online to find something to do. Here’s how those in lockdown or quarantine have been spending their neverending time.


Books have been flying off virtual shelves, especially in the wake of particular cultural events. People have been clamouring to read the latest bestseller or delve into their favourite authors back catalogues.

Blogs and similar websites have also been seeing increased traffic, especially those in the educational or crafting field, as people look for ideas of things to do or to help them or their children learn. Travel websites took a bit of a hit at the beginning but are starting to see a resurgence in traffic as people take their wanderlust online.


With both console gaming and online gaming seeing even more activity in recent months, it has to be put down to the current situation. People who have been laid off from work until the situation is over, children off of school and even those working from home have all taken time out to game online and offline. Some online casinos have been seeing increased activity – Casimba has had plenty of players, you can visit the official website here.


Shopping online has boomed since lockdown measures were put into place. Many people voted with their feet and visited their favourite high street stores online. Big businesses did even better than they normally would as people used them for convenience as they couldn’t just keep popping to the shop down the street. Many also supported their favourite small businesses or eateries during this time, taking advantage of takeaway or collection services they happened to offer.

Catching Up On Tv

Last but certainly not least, much of the time spent inside was spent catching up on TV. With lists galore to be watched, people made the most of their time and took the opportunity ro watch boxsets of shows they had always wanted to watch or rewatched some of their favourite all time shows. With certain platforms launched during the time period too, people of all age groups came together to watch media they enjoyed.

These are just a few things people have been doing during these unprecedented times to keep themselves busy and to support those around them.

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