Thousands Lined up Just for a Cup of Milk Tea

Thousands Lined up Just for a Cup of Milk Tea

On July 17, ZAIN TEA, a Shanghai milk tea shop sold 10,942 cups in just 12 hours, achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ Title of most cheese milk foam tea sold in 12 hours at a single venue, attracted wide media coverage and public attention.

At the wake of economic recovery, this challenge has impressed people at home and abroad.

Li Shuxuan, founder of ZAIN TEA, is a 23-year-old girl. The key behind her success is the perseverance and entrepreneurship of China’s post 90s generation entrepreneurs.

As the Chinese young generation are more willing to spend a higher pursuit for quality life. A new style of tea beverage that is made with fruits and milk foam grows increasingly popular among the young generation.

The high health consciousness in society, which can be seen from the way they handled the epidemic, is highly influencing the consumption preference of theChinese young generation. ZAIN TEA optimizes the tea making procedure to reinforce the sanitation and to reduce the risk of ingredients to be polluted by human operation. Purchasing fruit and tea leaves directly from farmers to ensure the freshness and the quality of the products. These changes ought to become the SOP of the entire industry in the future.

Led by health awareness, China’s tea market has grown in size . The beverage market is now undergoing a transformation. we can see Chinese beverage shops in many countries over the world. In the near future, you could easily get a cup of healthy Chinese tea in major cities in the world.

The new style Chinese tea beverage has incorporated fresh milk, cheese, and fruits, removed the bitterness of tea leaves and made the taste richer. It has become the symbol of the young Chinese. In this new era of tea beverage, ZAIN TEA infuse its tea drinks with the new technology of intelligent tea abstraction, making the tea making process more “digitized”. With more delicate quality control, Chinese tea beverage is no longer a “street drink” , but quality beverage with fine solution.

Chinese tea beverage brands are now going global in a more confident posture. The culture of Chinese tea beverage is also  being exported overseas. Probably in the future, people will grab a cup of Chinese tea and enjoy the charm of Chinese tea culture despite different local traditions and eating habits.

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