Guidance on how to save electricity for your house

Guidance on how to save electricity for your house

Electricity bills are rising every year in many parts of the world. In this article, we are happy to share with readers several ways to save electricity. Here we list several electrical appliances that consume a lot of electricity, such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc. We also list the new energy-saving products that have only appeared in the past decade, such as LED lamps and solar lamps.   


First of all, let’s take computers as an example to talk about how we can save electricity. First, if the computer is not used for a long time, pull out the plug. Second, if you need to use it every 10-20 minutes, you should not repeatedly turn it off and then turn it on again. Third, the brightness and sound of the computer should not be too bright and loud. Otherwise, it will also cost a lot of electricity.

Air conditioner

The temperature of air conditioning should not be too low. The suitable temperature of air conditioning in summer is about 26 ?. If the temperature of the air conditioner is increased by one degree, it can save about 10%. In summer, it is usually between 25 and 27 degrees centigrade, which is cool and does not consume electricity. When you go to bed at night, you can use the sleep mode or timer function to select a time, and the residual temperature will last until you wake up, so you can save several hours of power consumption! It’s easy to save electricity to buy variable frequency air conditioner. Don’t keep the air conditioner on and off all the time. It’s just going to consume more and more electricity. Even if you feel cold or hot, just turn the temperature up or down. The automatic mode in the remote control is the most power-saving one. Because it will automatically adjust the temperature according to the room temperature and wind direction. The external unit of the air conditioner should be protected from direct sunlight, which will affect the heat dissipation of the air conditioner and thus consume more power. It’s really not good. You can install a sunshade for the external machine.

Washing machine

Put the clothes to be washed in a basin for about 10-20 minutes, and then put them into the washing machine, which will greatly shorten the washing time of the washing machine.Don’t overload the washing machine. Don’t throw a lot of clothes into the washing machine at one time. It consumes nearly 50% energy than two and a half capacity washing.


The refrigerator should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, and other electrical appliances should not be placed around the refrigerator. Adjust the temperature of refrigerator according to season. The food with high temperature should not be put in the refrigerator directly. It is necessary to wait for the temperature to drop before putting the food in the refrigerator. Don’t always open or close the refrigerator door. Remember to defrost the refrigerator often.

Using LED lights

As the third generation of light source, LED has much higher luminous efficiency than the previous two generations. The first generation of light source, tungsten filament lamp, the luminous efficiency is only about 20 lumens per watt. The second generation light source, compact fluorescent lamps, also known as energy-saving lamps, has a luminous efficiency of about 60-70 lumens per watt. And LED lamps, in 2020, the light efficiency can reach more than 150 lumens per watt. Moreover, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the theory of LED light efficiency. The life of LED lamp can be as long as 5 years or more. If you have 10 sets of 50 Watt energy-saving lights in your room, light it for four hours a day. In a year, the power consumption of these energy-saving lamps is about 730 kwh. And if you replace it with LED lights, you only need 20 watts of LED lights. That way, you can save 430 kilowatts of electricity a year. In this way, you can calculate how much electricity the LED lamp can save you every year. So hurry up, try to change your home lights into LED lights.

Solar lamps

The application of solar energy products can effectively save a lot of electricity charges for Australian residents. The solar lamp appeared in 2010, which has a history of 10 years and has become more and more popular. As long as you install solar lights, it means you never have to pay for them. Yes, they are 100% solar powered. In addition, there is no need to pull wires to install solar lamps. In this way, you can also save on electrician fees. You can find a variety of solar lights on online shopping platforms like Amazon or in electronics stores. There are various names of household solar lamps on the market: solar lamp, solar powered flood lights, solar courtyard lamp, solar security lamp, solar wall lights, etc. For example, if you search Google or Amazon for solar floodlights, you will still find more than 10 solar lights in the search results. So how to choose a suitable solar lamp? If you’re looking for solar lights for your house’s exterior wall and yard, a $20 to $100 solar lamp on is enough. The brightness of these lights will not be very bright and can not support lighting all night. The actual service life is about 2 years. If the installation site is not sunny enough, you can choose the solar lamp with separate solar energy design. Because the solar lamp needs enough sunlight to charge. If you need solar lights for your community roads, parks, parking lots, don’t buy them at retail stores. Because the brightness, lighting time and life of those lights do not meet the quality requirements of public solar lighting. You can contact suppliers who specialize in solar lighting. Tell them the specific requirements of the solar lamp project, including brightness, lighting time and life lamp. They’ll customize solar lamps for you on request.

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