Hair Transplants in Turkey on Finance

Male pattern baldness is common, affecting up to half of all men by the age of 50, however, hair transplant surgery to address hair loss is much less common. This is due to limited knowledge on the hair transplant treatments available and the cost of a hair transplant in countries like the UK, which can add up to a staggering £30,000. The good news is, medical tourism in countries like Turkey, has paved the way for hair transplant procedures to become accessible for everyone. Hair Transplant clinics in Turkey are offering affordable hair transplant packages whilst using revolutionary techniques to give you the results you desire. Let’s explore why hair transplants in Turkey with the likes of Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic can offer affordable prices while providing an excellent quality of service.

Hair Transplant costs in Istanbul

Travelling abroad for hair transplant surgery may raise doubts in your mind concerning the reputability of the hair transplant clinic and the level of expertise among the medical team involved. However, you can rest assured that the cheap price of a hair transplant in Turkey has no bearing on the service you would receive if you chose to have your FUE hair transplant somewhere more expensive. There are several factors why clinics in Turkey can offer hair transplants for as little as £2,000.

  1. The Turkish Economy –  with the euro, dollar and pound working out as 9.64 TRY, 7.93 TRY and 10,63 TRY respectively, foreign visitors benefit from the cost savings from currency exchange.
  2. Costs of living –  the cost of living in Turkey is significantly lower than the US, UK and many countries in Western Europe. As a result, it is no surprise that health tourism within Turkey has become as popular as choosing Turkey for a holiday destination. Whether you are undergoing a hair transplant or coming to enjoy Turkey’s tropical climate, you will benefit from a trip with great value for money.
  3. Affordable qualified labour – every hair transplant surgeon in Turkey has to abide by strict medical controls which requires them to hold a qualification if they are participating in surgery. Combined with the affordable cost of labour in Turkey, you can be confident that your surgeon is qualified and that you can access the life-changing procedure you desire without having to borrow funds.

Do you really need to finance this operation?

Our decision not to offer finance options here at the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic has your best interests at heart. Whilst some clinics may encourage you to book your surgery imminently and offer a 12-month repayment package, we don’t want your choice for hair restoration to become a financial burden. Instead of allowing you to accumulate interest on the cost of your surgery, we advise our clients to book a date for surgery well in advance, allowing you to use the time in between booking the date and having the surgery, to save the funds. Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is low cost and we want you to maximise your potential savings.

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Finding the right surgeon

If you are going to travel abroad for medical procedures it is advisable to find the best surgeon for the operation you are looking to have. Dr Serkan Aygin was one of the first doctors to perform a hair transplant in Turkey and with over 24 years of experience, is seen as a pioneer in the industry. In 2019 he was the winner of the European Awards in Medicine for hair transplantation. During his career, Dr Serkan Aygin has developed revolutionary hair transplant techniques such as The Sapphire FUE method which uses blades made from the sapphire gemstone to implant hair follicles to minimise scarring, and the Soft anaesthesia method, conducting the hair transplant needleless and entirely pain-free. These techniques eliminate the need for needles and pain and have transformed the hair transplant industry.

Getting a quote for Hair Transplant surgery in Turkey

The road to hair restoration can seem daunting but the best thing you can do is reach out to us at the Dr Serkan Aygin clinic for a free consultation. Hair loss and particularly male pattern baldness is unique to every individual, so the only way to truly calculate how much hair transplant surgery is going to cost is to get a personalised quote. Dr Serkan Aygin will walk you through all of your options and provide a clear view of the results you can expect. Get in touch for a free quote today, you may just be surprised by how affordable your journey to hair restoration is.

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