Buying Glasses Online is as Easy as ABC

Buying Glasses Online is as Easy as ABC

Did you know that our eyes are the second most complex organ after the brain? We don’t merely see objects with them; 80% of what we learn is through our eyes. Imagine how much care photographers take of their expensive equipment. We should take the utmost care of our eyes as they are more sensitive than the most high-end camera sensors out there.

Thanks to COVID-19, we have been exposed to digital screens for a longer duration than ever, which leads to Digital Eye Syndrome (DES). DES or Computer Vision Syndrome describes a group of vision-related problems ranging from dry eye to eye strain to age-related degeneration. These, along with other factors, could be signs that you need glasses. Other indicators of needing glasses include blurry vision, squinting, headaches, lack of clear vision at night-time, rubbing your eyes and visual problems that run in the family. If you are aware of any of these, it’s a good idea to get your eyes tested, ideally every 1 to 2 years.

During your eye test, you may be diagnosed with myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), presbyopia (gradual loss of eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects) or astigmatism (blurry vision as a result of an error in the cornea shape). 

Once you have got your prescription, you may want to consider shopping online. After all, if you shop with an e-tailer like, you get access to a catalogue of the best designer and budget eyewear brands for the lowest prices online, along with their advanced technological tools.

The first thing to consider when you’re shopping for glasses online is your face shape. If your face shape has soft features, frames with strong details and angles would be more flattering as they would contrast with your softer features. On the other hand, if your face is a square shape or features a prominent jawline, round or thinner glasses would be better suited as the curves help soften these features.

Secondly, you may want to consider the material of your glasses frame. These days, you can choose from traditional materials such as acetate, metal, plastic; but there are also new-generation advanced materials such as titanium and carbon fibre. Following this, you may also decide between full rim, half rim and rimless glasses. 

The higher a prescription, the more the lenses may weigh. When you’re purchasing glasses, you often come across the word “lens index”. What does this mean? Very simply put, it’s a number that determines the ability of a lens to bend light. The higher the lens index, the slower light travels through it, and the more the light rays are bent. High index lenses fix the problem of heavy lenses as they get the job done with less material, so are more lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

Now that you have determined the shape and material of your glasses and know about lens index, you can explore the world of lens coatings. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you may choose from anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-fog, UV protective, blue light blocking, photochromic or polarized coatings. 

While it’s easy to read about the above and choose glasses shapes, materials and lens coatings by yourself, how can you confidently and easily buy an item as complex as glasses and know that you’ll be comfortable wearing them day in, day out? Well, there’s no need to worry as at, you can ask their in-house optician, who is at your disposal to answer everything specs-related, just as if you were shopping in-person at a store, only virtually! If you’re curious about all things eyewear, browse through their extensive Optical Centre which already has plenty of detailed and easy to understand articles on glasses, eye health, sunglasses and contact lenses, such as how to measure your pupillary distance.

In addition to this personalized service, offers cutting edge technology to its customers, such as their Virtual Try-On tool, with the help of which, you can see how thousands of frames look on you, taking all the guesswork out of online shopping! Not only do they make shopping for glasses easy to navigate, but they’re also easy on the wallet. With high-quality and stylish frames for less than a tenner, available in a variety of styles, colours and materials, you may even be tempted to grab more than one frame! is one of the very few online eyewear e-tailers to offer the option to add on high-quality blue block protection to all glasses available on their site. Did you know that blue light emitted by digital devices may lead to premature eye ageing and vision problems in the future? Adding their zFORT™ Blue Light Block at the checkout will pay dividends in the long run with zero glare, reduced eye strain, better sleep and even fewer headaches.

Buying glasses online doesn’t need to be complicated as it really isn’t, we promise! Check out more than 180 designer eyewear brands and over 80,000 pairs of sunglasses and glasses for the best prices online at

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