If we were to sum up bitcoin trading in one sentence, we would describe it as the art of selling coins at a low price and buying them at a high price. The difference between the selling and buying price is the profit or loss that is incurred. The buying and selling of bitcoins are largely dependent on price fluctuations. For instance, if the price rises bitcoin holders will immediately sell their coins and the instant when the prices come down there is an influx in the number of people who are willing to buy coins. This buying at cheaper rates and selling at higher prices is what Bitcoin trading is all about. in this article we will review the ins and outs of bitcoin trading and how you can optimize your trading strategies for maximum yields.


When we talk about price fluctuations, we are referring to the analysis of past and prevailing trends. These fluctuations can be analyzed through two types of analysis, namely, technical and fundamental. In order to master the art of bitcoin trading, you need to have a thorough understanding and a comprehensive approach to both, fundamental and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis refers to the prediction of future prices by taking the bigger picture into consideration. This includes looking into the industry, financial markets, the situation surrounding the digital and fiat currency, technical developments, and any regulations imposed on the money market. In general, fundamental analysis takes external factors into account while predicting the future of bitcoins.

Technical analysis on the other hand refers to statistical data which includes past price movements and the different trading volumes. As the name suggests, this analysis has a more technical approach towards price prediction as it tries to identify patterns, trends, and applies mathematical reasoning for prediction purposes. The basis of technical analysis is not influenced by any external factors and is solely dependent on the data that is available.


When we talk about Bitcoin trading there are three methods that are extremely popular. These different methods are devised to meet the needs of different individuals and their diverse set of financial goals. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, we would recommend you to visit IMMEDIATE EDGE and start trading by applying the right trading strategy.

First and foremost, the most common type of bitcoin trading is day trading; in this type of trading, users will buy bitcoins at the start of the day at a cheaper price, and if by the end of the day the price rises, they will sell their bitcoins and earn a profit from the difference between the selling and buying price. This requires the users to spend a huge chunk of their time in front of their trading screens in order to avoid missing out on any price movements.

The next most common type of trading is scalping.  scalping is ideal for users who are looking to make short-term profits. In scalping, trading is carried out by the frequent buying and selling of bitcoins and making a small amount of profit. However, if this buying and selling occur at multiple instances throughout the day, there are chances of traders making A large number of profits within a short time span. This repeated buying and selling can be seen as a risk-averse strategy.

Last but not the least, swing trading is another common type of Bitcoin trading strategy.  in swing trading, clients analyze the price movements and keep their positions open until prices reach their desired levels. A major advantage of swing trading is that users don’t have to spend all of their time in front of the screen and can monitor price fluctuations in their free time as swing trading allows you to keep your positions open for longer periods of time.


Even though bitcoin trading has a lot of potential, it also requires you to put in a sufficient amount of time before the trading ship starts sailing smoothly. When trading bitcoins, you will have to learn how to use the volatility factor of bitcoins in your favor, understand price fluctuations, clearly lay out your long-term and short-term trading goals, opt for the correct trading software and understand the risks that are involved in Bitcoin trading. When you start trading, you might encounter losses, and not getting discouraged by them is one of the first steps that you need to take towards establishing a successful trading path

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