Who are high rollers, and how to become one?

Who are high rollers, and how to become one?

Most starters in the UK gambling industry are just concerned about learning the loops of online gambling and winning some money. However, as time goes by, such people become immersed in the gambling world and want to try things that will set out from the rest of the crowd. 

Being a high roller is one of the aims that many gamblers want to achieve at some point in life. You know, some pride comes when one achieves such a status. We were lucky to have an engagement session with our expert in this area Kate Richards (you can link up with her here), who highlighted the following tips adopted by high casino rollers:

Who is a high roller? 

Is it someone who gets to the casino in a private jet? Or is someone who gets a dedicated gaming room once inside the casino? These might be some of the imaginations running through your mind when the phrase high roller player is mentioned. 

It is hard to define a high roller. However, it may not include all of the above. Checking different games will determine whether one qualifies to be a high roller or not. For instance, someone who stakes $25 per or more per spin can be termed as a gambling whale. On the other hand, a player who stakes $100 or more in table-games is ranked as a high roller. 

It is also worth noting that such gambling whales are not given similar treatment. For instance, someone who stakes $2000 on blackjack will be given better treatment compared to someone who stakes $500 for the same game. 

What are the perks of being a high roller? 

Casinos are always looking for ways to attract high rollers. Such platforms understand that when a player loses, then the profit of the house increases. UK gamblers can thus try a high roll when they play UK online casino as they are attracted by certain perks. For instance, such players may get a special loss rebate that normal rollers cannot get. 

Land-based casinos have programs that always appreciate such players. For instance, they can be given high-end liquor, expensive dinners, or even hotel rooms of their choice. Some of these players will even get chauffeured into the casino by special vehicles. In the past, such players have negotiated for the best rules in games such as blackjack. However, the casino must be cautious, or else it ends up in losses. 

How to become a high roller

Take advantage of freebies 

Most gamblers always imagine the possible win and fail to check the risks involved. You must thus know that you can either win or lose your entire $1000 the moment you decide to stake. Modern gambling platforms have freebies and offer that can help you accumulate funds. Play with those bonuses until a point where you can risk on high stakes. For instance, you can accumulate your winnings up to $1000 and then roll high with a stake of $500. 

Create a budget 

Some of the successful gamblers you see out there are good planners. They always have a budget on how much they will spend in the casino and what they expect. The budget can vary from one person to another, depending on the type of game and disposable income. For instance, there is someone who is okay with spending $1000 a day in an online casino. On the other hand, someone else struggles with losing $500 a day. 

Understand wagering requirements 

Cases of online casinos that fail to reward winnings are very common in the gambling world. Some of the sites have restrictions on the maximum amount that you can win on certain games or even in a day. The freebies that such sites have will always have some wagering requirements. Do not be quick to rush to such sites before you understand their terms. Ask for clarification whenever you come across something that you do not understand. Reviews from past users come in handy as well. 

Becoming a high roller in online casinos is not that hard when you follow the above tips. Do not emotions lead you but know when to stake high and when to stop. Ensure that you understand the wagering rules and different strategies to increase your odds of winning.  

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