Why You Need to Teach Your Children to Do Bathroom Cleaning Duties

Why You Need to Teach Your Children to Do Bathroom Cleaning Duties

No one likes cleaning the bathroom. It’s a messy and disgusting place. It’s usually the last place you clean up because it takes time to finish the task. The truth is that you don’t have to do everything alone. You can also involve your children in the process. It makes the job easier when everyone at home is doing something. Your children might complain about the new responsibility, but you have to insist. These are the reasons for letting them do their share in cleaning the bathroom. 

You can instil discipline 

Teaching discipline can be a daunting task. Children complain if given responsibility. They usually say that they’re too young to do anything. By letting them handle bathroom tasks, they become more responsible. They learn how to do it without guidance from you. Start with something small. You can ask them to empty the bin or pick up trash on the floor. Eventually, they can learn to scrub the toilet or sink. Give tasks appropriate to their age. At first, you should remind them what to do, but they will soon work without being told.

They can’t play all the time

You don’t want your children to grow up realizing that they don’t have responsibilities. Their only task is to play games for as long they want. While it’s understandable to give them sufficient playtime, they can’t abuse it. You also have to offer other meaningful things to do or learn. Cleaning the bathroom is one of them. They might not realize the value of doing it now, but they will understand when they get older.

You don’t have to carry the entire burden

As a parent, you make sure your children live a comfortable life. You work hard to provide for your family’s needs. You do it out of love for them. Despite that, you’re not a robot. You also get exhausted. If you arrive home and you have many chores to finish, it can be frustrating. It helps if your children do some of these tasks. Even if it’s only one area of your house, it still takes away some of the burden. It gives you time to relax. Otherwise, you will take it out on your children. You don’t want your relationship to get strained because of how unhappy you are. 

You can give them a reward 

Your children will complain about asking them to do something. They will feel good again if it comes with a reward. Ask them what they want to have. These prizes also challenge them to do more. They know there’s a reward for excellent behaviour. They might even offer ways to help at home before you bring it up. You can also install a freestanding bath like those at http://www.jtspas.co.uk. Your children will love using it, but you can enjoy it too.

You will struggle with bathroom duties at first. You will notice that you still end up doing everything. Be patient and allow your children to grow. They will soon learn to do the right thing. When they get older and independent, they will thank you for setting these rules. 

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