How Retail Digital Signage Is Revolutionising the High Street

How Retail Digital Signage Is Revolutionising the High Street

Over the last year and a half, the British high street has had to change and adapt. With many high street stores closing for indefinite amounts of time due to the pandemic, many are now adjusting to new needs and wants. Retail digital signage has revolutionised the high street, creating efficiency and attraction.

As an affordable, versatile, and attention-grabbing solution, retail digital signage is rising in popularity down every high street. This blog explores the future of shopping and how digital signage is revolutionising the high street for the good of staff and customers.

Grab Attention and Boost Sales with Multimedia Content on Retail Digital Signage

As online shopping becomes ever more popular, high-street stores need to do all they can to grab attention and boost sales. The bright screens of retail digital signage can attract viewers, but the multimedia content on these screens is what truly makes your store stand out. Locate these screens in-store or in the window display, presenting advertising content or hot products.

High street digital signage can display various content, including videos, images, text, animation, live feeds, and more. Unlike static posters that often fade into the wall, the multimedia capabilities of digital signage make these screens an unparalleled method of communication. These screens help people further understand your products or services; the human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. As a result, high street digital signage has revolutionised high street sales.

High street stores have been hit hard by the pandemic. By employing digital signage video content in-store, you could boost your sales noticeably; research has found that viewers are 64-84% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. This fact emphasises the ability of retail digital signage to transform your store.

Enhance Operations and Efficiency with Digital Signage Software

Having smooth operations is crucial to advancing your store. Despite this, repeatedly replacing print signage each time a marketing message changes is time-consuming, costly, and bad for the environment. For stores facing staff shortages due to coronavirus or reduced income, increased efficiency is critical.

Retail digital signage has transformed the high street shopping experience due to being easily updated with digital signage software. Content is created and managed through the software. Then a media player is used to display this content onto a screen.

Staff members can update on-screen content immediately with the click of a button or schedule content to appear on-screen at specific times/days. This scheduling functionality helps stores plan their marketing content and align with their business strategy, improving store operations.

The ability to produce and display fresh content regularly also helps your store stand out; customers will never get bored. Significantly, you can update on-screen promotions easily to keep people coming back for more – 77% of shoppers claim discounts influence where they shop. This efficiency has helped revolutionise the high street store, saving time, money, and resources.

Improve The Checkout Experience with Digital Kiosks

Touchscreen digital kiosks have revolutionised the in-store shopping experience in various ways, from speeding up checkout to improving in-store product browsing. Digital kiosks allow customers to control their experience, enhancing store efficiency for both staff and customers.

As the future of shopping, interactive self-service checkouts reduce the time customers spend queuing for manual checkouts and remove human contact. Significantly, these checkouts give customers what they want; research has found that 61% of consumers desire self-service tools at their disposal rather than finding or waiting for an employee to drive their experience.

Digital kiosks also provide a platform for in-store product catalogues. In this fast-moving society, people want answers quickly. With a touchscreen catalogue, customers can search for products with filter options and receive all necessary information, allowing customers to make well-informed purchase decisions. Moreover, integrate these kiosks with e-commerce to encourage purchases. These catalogues increase efficiency and create a niche shopping experience, boosting conversion rates.

Attract People to Your Store with Eye-Catching Digital Window Displays

Capturing the attention of passers-by is essential for high street stores. Consequently, the digital window display is rising in popularity as an eye-catching method of marketing and communication, helping businesses stand out in a competitive market.

Often compromised on printed posters, electric screens can display large, high-resolution media, attracting potential customers. Moreover, by exhibiting strong branding across your digital display, passers-by will recognise and remember your store, increasing the chances of return.

In addition to window displays, present welcome signage to draw customers in and make them feel welcome in your store. This content demonstrates your appreciation of your customers, boosting positive association with your brand.

Retail digital signage used in window displays and for welcoming customers can help your store stand out on a bustling high street, helping convert consumers to customers.

Bring Online In-Store on Retail Digital Signage To Increase Appeal

With 4.14 billion people using social media globally, social platforms are a valuable way to interest consumers and influence purchase decisions. The pandemic has propelled society into a digital revolution, and the British high street should adapt to this.

The popularity of social media content is, therefore, a game-changer in retail digital signage content. By displaying social media or website content on-screen, retail stores can extend the reach of their online marketing campaigns.

Online platforms also provide ways for customers to review your products or services. Research has found that 92% of consumers consider online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. As a result, displaying positive testimonials in-store on digital displays for retail can boost brand trust and sales.

By presenting social media content in-store, you simultaneously advertise your platforms, boosting the chances of increasing your followers and online engagement. This interaction will further promote your brand to wider audiences, triggering more leads to potential customers.

Extend Reach with Outdoor Retail Digital Signage

High streets need to stand out to compete with online shopping. High street digital signage can go beyond indoors. Digital signage hardware has come far in the last decade; screens now have climate control, dustproofing, weatherproofing, waterproofing, and sunlight-readable technology. The high brightness levels of digital signage commercial-grade screens mean that content is always visible, even in direct sunlight.

Make use of these technological advancements with a digital screen along the high street or outside your store. Promote products or services to draw attention to your store, even include directions to the entrance.

Boost Sales with Point Of Sale Advertising

Estimates suggest that up to 62% of in-store purchases can be considered impulsive purchases. This figure emphasises the importance of point-of-sale advertising, optimised by digital signage. High street digital signage at the point of sale, displaying hot products, can capture attention, triggering spontaneous decisions at a critical, time-pressured moment.

Unlike traditional print posters, the bright screens of retail digital signage do not fade into the store background. Moreover, by presenting multimedia content, such as a rotating image playlist, you can further turn heads to trigger purchases in the queue. Digital signage for retail can increase sales by 29.5%, reach and surpass this figure with point-of-sale advertising.

Promoting point of sale products can often be monotonous and time-consuming for staff members, especially if they ask every customer if they would like a particular product. Increase the efficiency of this process by using digital signage for retail that sells the products for you.

The future of shopping is digital. The pandemic has catalysed society’s use of digital technology and given people new needs and desires for in-store experiences. By adopting digital signage in your store, you can revolutionise the shopping experience for staff and customers, resulting in attraction, efficiency, boosted sales and expanded reach.

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