Citibank UK: 6 Wealth Management Products from Citi to Boost Your Portfolio

Citibank UK: 6 Wealth Management Products from Citi to Boost Your Portfolio

Creating a financial journey can be one of the best ways through which you may be able to achieve your wealth goals and secure your financial future. Your wealth journey may be well-defined but tapping on the right wealth management products can make achieving your financial goals comparatively easier. If you want more options to manage your wealth, then you may want to explore Citi UK Wealth Management Services.
List of investment products offered by Citi Citi offers investment services and wealth management products that can be tailored to your needs. You will get a dedicated Relationship Manager and a team of experts who will work closely with you to help you invest in the right financial products. To know these products better, you may want to check them below. 

Investment funds

Investment funds, which are also known as pooled funds, are available in a wide range of foreign currencies and classes through which money can be invested in various sectors, countries and product types. You can diversify your risks by investing in multiple funds and access Citi’s portfolio of onshore and offshore funds to make the most out of your wealth. 

Structured Products

A Structured Product is a hybrid medium- to long-term investment product that is made of a bond and an option. Some structured products can even partially protect your initial investment. Structured Products can be ideal for investors who want a diversified portfolio on asset classes, sectors and geographies

Foreign Exchange Solutions

You can invest in multiple foreign currencies through Citi’s FX Solutions. The Foreign Exchange Solutions include easy fund transfers and the FX Order Watch Service. You can also easily manage your investments and cash across multiple currencies on the mobile app or the official Citi UK online site.

Investment ISA 

If you wish to invest your money in a tax efficient way, then you can invest in Citi’s Individual Savings Account (ISA). Investment ISAs are free from both income tax and capital gains tax, so you won’t pay tax on any increase in the value of your investment or any withdrawals you make. You can even get the flexibility to select from multiple investment ISA funds, and you can also invest tax by setting up a Regular Savings Plan.


Citi offers bonds in different currencies and coupon types. From investment-grade bonds to emerging market bonds, you can buy and sell bonds with ease through Citi Online or by taking the assistance of your Relationship Manager. 


You can diversify your portfolio and spread your risks with equities. You can get access to multiple global financial exchanges and can also select the markets that align with your financial needs. You can trade at your convenience via Citi Online or through your Relationship Manager. 

Final thoughts With the holistic approach and financial expertise of the Citigold Wealth Management team, and by leveraging the right wealth management products, you can manage your wealth effectively. You can check out the products and the services and then contact Citibank to apply for their Wealth Management services. 


The content reflects the view of the author of the article and does not necessarily reflect the views of Citi or its employees. Please read the products and offers on Citi UK website for accuracy or completeness of the information presented in the article.

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