Introducing Conscious gardening: How Integral Gardens is taking landscaping into soulful territory

Introducing Conscious gardening: How Integral Gardens is taking landscaping into soulful territory

 Integral Gardens is spearheading a new practice of creative landscaping and garden experiences that supports more personal, more fulfilling, heartfelt and inspiring outdoor spaces  The demand for truly meaningful and unique outdoor spaces has never been higher – and now one company in the UK is stepping in to create gardens and parks that tell personal stories: Integral Gardens.

2020 led to a newfound appreciation for blissful gardens – with couples, families, pensioners and communities all seeking something more on their doorstep after spending so much time at home.  Midlands-based Integral Gardens is now spearheading a soulful form of landscaping services and unique experiences for a sustainable modern era built on roots – making these dream gardens a reality.

Embracing a holistic, heartfelt and creative approach to outdoor spaces, Integral Gardens delivers an innovative wide range of consultation, design, maintenance and unique experience-facilitation services for clients such as creating the unique family well-being landmarks, crafting remembrance tributes that connect to loved ones, making gardens pet-friendly, landscaping public parks that support unique shared community purpose, working on sustainable business/community project contracts, and even recording clients’ unique garden songs that connect to the garden space.

The company offers in-depth, personalized initial consciousness-based consultations known as garden interviews, where the team meets the client and explores their personal relationship on how they wish to feel and experience their outdoor space, to find the unique Garden Purpose and Garden Insights to provide a truly personal solution.

From the foundation of ‘garden interviews’, Integral Gardens can go beyond building something beautiful, and actually create outdoor spaces that reflect as a dynamic extension of the owners’ specific emotional intelligence, collective intelligence and ancestral resources – promoting well-being, relaxation, healing, contemplation, socializing, and even connecting to people of the past through meaningful elements in memory.

Previous examples of Garden Insights include fountains with inscriptions to express the Garden Soul, white roses to remember loved ones, sheltered trees for protection, restoring clients’ Creative Tension, connecting horse assisted holistic businesses to their Land’s Emotional intelligence, Secret Gardens to host artists’ creations and attract new business, and specific plants colours reflecting the personality of the client’s family (see more on the Integral Gardens portfolio).

As well as helping homeowners, Integral Gardens works with gardeners, garden designers, architects, engineers, park managers, students, civic managers, decision-makers and organizational managers – ensuring these clients find any information or resources they may be missing from their clients interviews, to provide a service like no other. 

Integral Gardens solutions create also spaces where meaning and fulfillment support organizational health. They provide services to park managers and organizations that want to increase their footfall and overall organizational resilience through meeting their unique Organizational Purpose landscaping elements, to be re-introduced into any existing area. 

Whilst many services are also conducted in-person, Integral Gardens continues to provide support worldwide – offering online consultations and guidance to customers across the world. The company has also recently upgraded its website to communicate its wide range of new services in a more suitable space.

Third generation gardener Carlo Cecchetti founded the company, and works alongside to his wife Franziska Pretsch, with the pair pooling their respective skill-sets in landscaping and systemic practices to provide a modern landscaping service that reflects their clients unique circumstances. 

Carlo stated: “ With traditional garden services, there can sometimes be a breakdown in communication between the client and those doing the work, and it feels like there is something missing at the end “.  

“ We resolve that. We call ourselves garden facilitators because we create an outlet for our clients’ emotional energies and feelings to be experienced into outdoor spaces. We take a systemic approach to any garden experiences, that we called Integral Gardening, believing the process to be about exploring and finding the elements that sometimes cannot be described. Sometimes, through our systemic approach, we discover elements from the past unknown to our clients that can support the garden experience today “.  

“Working with clients, we can identify and visualize beyond rational thinking what they really wish, how it is fulfilling, and how to create that result as a beautiful garden design or that we can facilitate as a heartfelt garden presence “.  

“ We can provide personal and fulfilling gardens for all kinds of customers – whether it’s individuals, couples, organizations or whole communities. We can also create a Country of origin and country of immigration park, to facilitate what energies support living abroad “. 

” Because our practices facilitate people connecting to the land, our work creates sustainable solutions for living the modern environmental challenges we are increasingly facing “

Visit Integral Gardens’ website to learn more about the ways in which you can transform your outdoor space for today’s meaningful fruition and as a lasting legacy for future generations.


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