Marital Property Division and Everything You Need to Know

Marital Property Division and Everything You Need to Know

Property division is one of the most crucial aspects of a divorce. And the genesis of some of the biggest myths when it comes to divorce. Most couples do not know how the court ascertains whom to award the particular property to and divide property in a divorce.

The lack of this understanding leads to stress on both parties, but a professional lawyer will give you all the information you need to reduce your confusion and anxiety. In this post, we discuss property division and everything you need to know regarding the same.

In simple terms, marital property is one acquired during your marriage. Non-matrimonial property is one that may have been acquired before marriage, received by one spouse as an inheritance or gift after marriage, bought with proceeds from property owned before marriage, grew from the appreciation of a separate asset by one spouse and or one received after the assurances of a legal separation. 

In the case of a divorce, the court will set aside all this property. And focus on the marital one. That will call for valuation, especially if real estate, businesses, investment, or retirement accounts is involved. Marital property should be equitable and equally divided.

After valuation, the marital property is now divided based on several standards. That could include; the value of the assets, role of each spouse in the attainment of the property in question, the spouse having children custody, and the financial capability of each spouse.

Choosing a property division attorney

If your marriage involves complex issues to do with assets, you need to hire a professional property division attorney. If you don’t fight for what is yours, you stand to lose your property. And suffer for all you have worked hard for almost all your life.

The ideal property division attorney will ensure your property is well divided and classified. And give you all the directions you need to achieve a fair trial. Some of the tips to look out for when choosing a property division attorney include:

  • Case results

When choosing a property division attorney, you need to evaluate their results. And ensure that they deliver their best to all their clients. Ensure to check their portfolio of all the clients they have served before. And all their successful cases. That will give you more insights about the services and if you should rely on them.

  • Experience

The truth is, each divorce situation is unique. And you need an experienced professional to help with your property division case. That is because they understand that each divorce case is different and will give you all the compassion, effort, and dedication needed for your unique situation.

From complex negotiation strategies to collaborative approaches, the best attorneys will advocate for your needs and help you get a fair settlement. The more experience they have, the better your results will be.

  • Customer service

Finally, the best property divorce attorney is determined to help individuals in bad marriages achieve a content future through a divorce. They understand how complex the divorce process can turn out and are there to hold your hand every step of the way. Their communication lines are open to facilitate proper communication and set up a consultation

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