COVID-19 Vaccination: A Ray of Hope

COVID-19 Vaccination: A Ray of Hope

The Covid 19 virus has made many headlines, so it’s no longer news that it has left a huge wave of havoc across the globe and as sad as this may sound, the virus is here to stay. It’s crystal clear then, that as casualties inflicted by the virus continue to grow, so also does the need for staying safe.

There is good news though as the tireless efforts of many scientists have sparked a ray of hope. As of early November 2020 Pfizer and BioNTech made it known that a vaccine had been developed that could protect more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19 and as thus described by the pharmaceutical giants it was indeed “a great day for science and humanity” because, with the production of the Covid-19 vaccination, the odds have greatly shifted, as the path to defeating the virus continues to get brighter.

With absolutely no need to emphasize the pains caused by the global pandemic, it’s important to note that amongst other methods of staying safe, vaccination is one key way to reduce the impact of the virus on every aspect of human living. So as soon as possible make sure to  get vaccinated.


While at first thought, the Covid-19 vaccines ought to be a welcome development being rushed by everyone, certain unfounded facts have distracted a great many leaving behind a trail of doubt. Some of these myths include;

  • The Covid-19 affects a woman’s ability to conceive.
  • The discovery of the covid -19 vaccine was rushed so might not be effective or safe.
  • The covid19 vaccine infects you with covid.
  • The side effects are life threatening.
  • The vaccine enters your DNA and destroys it.
  • The vaccine renders males impotent.

With more information collected every day about the novel virus and best practises to curb the spread, the strength of these myths continue to die away.

The covid-19 vaccine has, within the recent time frame, proven to be safe, effective and most importantly life-saving.

For a vaccine to be approved by the World Health Organisation, it must have an efficacy rate of at least 50% and this is determined by randomized clinical trials. Each of the Covid19 now available in different parts of the world has a 90% efficacy.

The Covid-19 vaccine remains one sure way to stay safe amidst the pandemic and as many more people continue to take the vaccine, all other safety measures must be maintained to keep everyone safe.

The Covid-19  vaccination is not yet available for young children. It’s important that you get tested, as well as your kid to ensure his/her health is in perfect check. You can always look up testing centers close to you to get covid testing in Long Beach or wherever you reside within the county.

With the entire globe itching to go back to normal, it’s a matter of responsibility to stay protected. Vaccination is an important tool to help us get back to normal. It all begins with you. Let’s save the world together.

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