Bernadette Schaeffler Collection Redefines Luxury Home Goods Scene

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection Redefines Luxury Home Goods Scene

Bernadette Schaeffler has created a new class of home decor products thanks to her excellent taste and sourcing talent. As a result, Bernadette Schaeffler Collection represents what may rightfully be called “home luxury.”  

According to Daniel Langer, the renowned expert and opinion leader in luxury, luxury is “about inspiring consumers, creating desire, and making them fall in love with a brand.” Bernadette Schaeffler covers all three points as her products are inspiring, desirable, and lovable. Her Dallas-based brand has European roots and is built upon Bernadette’s love for the Old World home goods, decor, jewelry, crystal, porcelain, and clothing manufactured from the finest materials and with the highest regard for quality.

  Of German origin and upbringing, having received European business education and managed the retail shoe business her family has owned for five generations, Bernadette had her affinity for luxury shaped at an early age. Her idea came to fruition after she moved to the US. Seeing how difficult it was to get hold of such high-end products in America, Bernadette saw a business opportunity and decided to create her own line. 

After ten years in the business, Bernadette continues sourcing products from all over the world, including from native Germany. Italy and Czechia remain her favorite sources, too. From Germany comes hand-painted porcelain, from Italy—fine linens and leather goods made from premium calfskin, from Czechia—walnut wood products and mouth-blown and hand-graved crystal. All goods come in small batches from European artisans, so most are unique. Bernadette hand-picks her products on trips to Europe, her keen eye unmistakably spotting uniqueness among goods made by talented yet little-known artisans. “I personally select one-of-a-kind items from master craftsmen around the world,” explains Bernadette. The result of her methodical search of classics worldwide is the rare assemblage of select luxury goods that marry old-world classics with modern simplicity. 

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection provides a respite from the pervasive mass product, fosters taste, and fills homes with lovable goods. To learn more about Bernadette Schaeffler, visit her website and Instagram

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