Children’s fashion for 2022: What trends await us in fashion stores?

Children’s fashion for 2022: What trends await us in fashion stores?

Developing an individual style is an exciting part of growing up! Afterall, no matter your age, expressing yourself through what you wear is one of the joys of life. 

At DeFacto, we have styles to fit children of all ages, and we are always keyed in on the latest trends. Whether your little one prefers wild colours or a more refined look, we have them covered! 

For the new year, we are looking at the children’s fashion trends that you can find in stores and online in the UK. Get some last minute winter accessories to spruce up 2022, and start to stock up for spring. Read on to get a breakdown of all of the kids styles you have to look forward to in the coming seasons. 

Winter 2021/2022 Children’s Fashion Trends 

There were some fantastic trends in children’s clothing this winter, and it’s not too late to snap some of them up!  

Bold Colours 

One of the trends we love the most for kids this winter season is bold, vibrant colours. Kids typically don’t mind clashing or going for experimental choices in their clothes. That’s why this trend is perfect for the young glam rockers in your life. 

For example, leggings might be a comfy accessory and useful for many occasions – but why make them boring in grey or black? Instead, go for our vibrant cobalt blue leggings, or our colour block option! 

For layering on top, a jumper in a wild pattern, like our purple batik pattern hoodie, works a treat. Mix and match and your babes will be style icons in no time, and with little effort! 

Layering for Any Weather 

Piggybacking off of that trend, we see layering as the key to building a great, versatile wardrobe from winter to spring. Despite the winter season, we are already seeing fluctuating temperatures across the UK and this can make it hard to know what to wear – especially if all you have on hand are heavy winter coats! 

That is why we recommend trying layering cardigans and coats for outfits that are both stylish and friendly to a range of temperatures throughout the coming months. 

You can still go for exciting colour combos here! Try our flower print cardigan in burnt orange, under a sparkly chrome zippered coat, for a look that will stand out in a good way. 

Family Style 

Make the most out of the last cosy days of the year and enjoy family time together. That’s right – we also mean what you wear! A sweet way to show your love for each other is to find outfits that match. DeFacto is a perfect place to get inspiration, since we have trendy clothes for men, women, children, and even the wee ones. 

Though it may be a bit late for cute, matching Christmas sweaters for the family, you can still make the most of winter lounging with pyjamas in similar colourways and patterns.  

If you seek a more classic look, go for colours that look great on everyone. We recommend checking out our crew neck plush jumper in dark red for kids, and a matching style for mum and dad. Pair with black trousers or jeans for a look perfect for your next family photo. 

Enjoy Winter, and Get Ready for Spring Style! 

We hope you have a happy start to 2022. Remember that you can always find popping styles for all family members at DeFacto, and be sure to visit again for all of your spring needs, too! 

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