Entrepreneur Joshua Denne Believes the Next Tech Frontier is Blockchain Protected Digital Identity

Entrepreneur Joshua Denne Believes the Next Tech Frontier is Blockchain Protected Digital Identity

By now, most of the world is familiar with accepting cookies online. When Googling a website or company, odds are, when you click on the site, you’re met with a prompt that asks you to set your cookies preference or accept cookies. While many consumers are still unaware of what cookies even are, a select few have examined how things like cookies and sharing their data are negatively impacting them. A recent study showed that in 2020, the number of data breaches in the U.S. reached 1001 cases, affecting 155.8 million individuals as a result of data exposures. Tech entrepreneur Joshua Denne’s stance on the matter is a sobering wake-up call, illuminating the fact that major tech corporations and social media companies are the ones with the power and control over our data—not us.

“A lot of these companies have tricked consumers into giving up too much of their data, all for the sake of things like social media interaction and online shopping, for example,” Denne says. “So we saw the opportunity to provide a tech solution that would protect users and their data, by enlisting blockchain based technology. This way, each user is the sole owner of their own data and digital identity.” 

Introducing SDK Co. As part investor of the company, Denne is working with SDK Co. to develop a number of new devices that function like smart phones, but differ in how they protect and allow users to control and re-gain dominion over their personal information and digital identity. With a function that lets users switch between a lifestyle mode and a private mode. The SDK Co’s Meta Zero device will be the first to allow users to navigate freely, while still protecting their information. 

Using blockchain based technology to encrypt every user’s identity and data, the device gives people the power to index their data and decide where their information will and will not live. As society continues to see the implications of one’s digital identity on real life, Denne, with the help of SDK Co. has a solution ready to offer as more consumers continue to learn about the risks of sharing and not owning their digital identity. To learn more about the company, visit their website and to learn more about Joshua Denne, follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

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