Tips and Tricks to Make The Most of Your Storage Space

Tips and Tricks to Make The Most of Your Storage Space

Do you feel that your storage unit is cramped up already? Even if you rented one with a larger space? Maybe you’re not utilising enough space to create more room for your other items. In this article, we’re going to give you useful tips and tricks on how to make use of your storage space.

Make An Inventory List

When storing your items in a storage unit in London, keeping a master list is essential. You can create your inventory list using a piece of paper or even a spreadsheet. An inventory list is helpful as you can go over the items you kept inside the storage unit. Include where each item is placed in your inventory list to find them faster and easier.

Label Each Box

You may have organised everything according to its size and purpose and stored them in boxes, but you failed in labelling these boxes. This practice can bring you much hassle when taking out items you need. Make sure to list all the items you put inside the box and label them accordingly. Labels must be placed where you can easily see and read. 

Disassemble Large Items and Furniture

Not disassembling large items and furniture in your storage unit is a big no-no. It takes up much space, and you won’t even get what you rented for doing so. Dismantling items like furniture makes your life easier whenever you need to take them out. It is also ideal to store them upright to save more space in your unit.

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Stack and Protect Your Items

If there’s a holy grail in organising items, it’s the stack boxes. But before placing them in stack boxes, you need to layer some protection onto your items. It is advisable to layer your items with bubble wrap, especially when you’re storing fragile ones. Plastic bags cannot hold items together, and they can’t withstand humidity outside. 

Once you place everything in the stack boxes, create a good habit of stacking them together. Be sure to use as much vertical space as possible when stacking them. 

Here’s another pro-tip: Use stack boxes of the same size, so that stacking and storing boxes would be comfortable. Otherwise, your storage unit would look like a mess, and we don’t want that to happen.

Don’t Place Heavy Items Together

Concerning the previous point, you may think stacking heavy items on top of each other is doable. Unfortunately, doing this is a bad practice. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom so that they wouldn’t damage the delicate ones. You may also consider combining heavy and light items on each box so that each box would have almost the same weight.

But in placing items inside the unit, make sure to place the larger items first. This way, you’ll have more storage space for smaller items to be placed at the front of your storage unit.

Make Room for an Aisle

Climbing over a stack of boxes is the last thing you want to do inside your storage unit. Remember to make an aisle in your storage unit for your convenience. That’s why you have to store your items vertically to have more floor space to walk on.

Dryer Sheets are a Must

Pests are our number one enemies in storage units. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but moths, rats, and spiders can crawl their way to your items and can damage each of them. Want to know a life hack? Dryer sheets. Add dryer sheets on each corner of the storage unit to prevent pests from entering. You can also throw in some dryer sheets on your clothes to keep them smelling great. 

More Space, The Better

Storing items should not be a hassle. With these tips and tricks, storing items in your storage unit in London is smooth sailing.

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