Lockdown-born campervan hire company Calico Campers on why staycations are here to stay

Lockdown-born campervan hire company Calico Campers on why staycations are here to stay

Overseas travel restrictions might be easing, but experts urge Brits not to forget the beauty the UK has to offer

A campervan hire company which launched following the 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns has put together their expert guide to the benefits of a staycation this year. 

Calico Campers, a Cheshire-based campervan hire provider began its operation in the Spring of 2021 when travel restrictions began to ease. They were inundated with bookings and were soon facing back-to-back bookings from adventure-seekers from across Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and as far away as Doncaster. 

The firm, run by campervan-mad couple Claire and Mark, managed to maintain a consistent five-star level of customer service throughout their entire first year of operation, with many happy campers re-booking for the 2022 staycation season in advance. 

Recent research by Sterling Insurance found that a staggering 68% of Brits will book a 2022 campervan staycation. To those who had already hired a campervan during the pandemic, they asked if they’d hire a campervan again, to which 39% said they would. 

The survey also questioned what respondents key motivators were for hiring a campervan, with the results being revealed as to see more of the UK, to spend more time with family and friends, and to help their own mental health. 

Calico Campers couldn’t agree more with these reasons to hire a campervan. Co-owner Claire Havey comments;

“Campervan staycations are without a doubt here to stay. So many of last year’s happy campers have booked again with us this year already. But what’s wonderful to see are so many people choosing Calico Campers for their first ever campervan experience, and then falling in love with camperlife. It really is addictive; it’s hassle-free, it’s spending precious, quality time with loved ones, and it’s freedom. We can’t recommend it enough.”

Exploring the UK by road is something that isn’t advocated enough, but is something that brings huge financial benefits to the UK economy. 

The travel and tourism industry was hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic, and as travel restrictions eased, more and more people realised that taking a more local holiday is actually extremely easy and beneficial to re-building the country’s economy. 

Places like Cornwall, Devon, Wales, the Lake District and Yorkshire rely heavily on travel and tourism, especially from people who have a thirst for the great outdoors. It was recently reported that Kent’s visitor numbers more than halved in 2020 compared to 2019. But with hotels still struggling to accept bookings from holidaygoers there for pleasure and not business, the campervan hire trend was ignited. 

Exploring these beautiful places in the safety and comfort of a campervan quickly caught on as being a Covid-safe way to travel. Campervan hire providers like Calico Campers undertook a 3 hour deep clean in between every rental to ensure that each customer was starting their campervan adventure in a completely Covid-safe environment. The campervan handover happened outside so as not to break any social distancing guidelines.

And off people went! In just six short months, Calico Campers’ campervan for hire ‘DANI’ had travelled over 40,000 miles across the UK, visiting places like Wales, the Jurassic Coast, Cornwall, the Lake District, Yorkshire, North Wales and of course, bonnie Scotland, launching the #CalicoCommunity. 

Another benefit of a UK staycation, Calico Campers want to stress, is the ever concerning situation with the Coronavirus crisis. 

In recent weeks, travel restrictions for people living in the UK and returning from an overseas holiday have eased significantly, in that those who are vaccinated with two doses no longer have to undertake tests upon arrival back into the UK. Following this announcement, Jet2 saw an increase in holiday bookings of 30%, indicating that there is certainly an appetite for Brits to be going abroad once again. 

This could all change, warns campervan hire firm Calico Campers. 

Co-owner Claire Havey continues;

“We all know someone who booked a holiday abroad and who has had to either cancel it or push it back time and time again. It’s an unnecessary headache at the minute, when there really are wonderful places to explore in this country that are perfect for half-term, easter and summer holiday getaways. 

“Campervan hire providers like us at Calico Campers offer a free Covid-cancellation policy which just gives peace of mind to those booking with us. We don’t believe that our customers should have to pay for a situation that is completely out of their control.

“Hiring a campervan with your family and hitting the road is a holiday like no other. Not only will you have a hassle-free adventure, you’ll be supporting your country’s hard-hit travel and tourism industry and supporting local businesses like ours. Whether you’re a seasoned campervan pro or a first-timer, we’re here for you.” Calico Campers have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire

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