CBD products and cosmetics are legal in the UK and Europe

CBD products and cosmetics are legal in the UK and Europe

For a few years now, the use of CBD oil in cosmetics has been legalized within the European Union. In other words, within its member countries, the marketing, cultivation and production of hemp seeds and products derived from its leaves are entirely legal.

The legal acceptance by the court of justice of the European Union took many years of discussion.

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The legalization of cosmetic products in Europe with CBD oil

We must pay close attention to everything concerning this topic to avoid confusion and future problems.

Through the CJEU, the European Union declared legal all the products derived from seeds and leaves of “Cannabis Sativa”. The basis for this decision is scientific.

It was determined that the CBD oil extracted from the leaves and seeds of cannabis Sativa, also known as cannabidiol, is neither toxic or addictive, until it has inside a THC level lower than 0.2%. This way people are not exposed to suffering brain alterations or any other type.

Also, synthetic cannabidiol was legalized, which better guarantees that the product is free of high concentrations of THC.

How has this legalization process been carried out?

In the European Union, some adjustments had to be made to allow the free marketing of CBD oil among its member countries.

One of the main actions that the European authorities had to carry out was including cannabidiol oil in the CosIng database.

the CosIng is a database created to register and control the products marketed within the European Union. Therefore, they do not represent any risk to the citizens. By ruling in favour of the inclusion of CBD as a cosmetic product, EU member countries are automatically authorized to freely market it within their limits.

Some benefits of CBD oil

CBD or cannabidiol oil provides a host of benefits for treating illnesses and maintaining health in general. For example, CBD oil effectively fights joint and muscle pain caused by chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Also, it serves as an excellent antioxidant and is a natural protector for the skin. Furthermore, its properties nourish and regenerate the epidermis cells, thus functioning as a moisturizer and regenerator of the skin.

Another benefit is CBD oil’s ability to combat other skin diseases such as seborrhea and dandruff. Many dermatologists prescribe products containing cannabidiol oil to their patients every day to treat these diseases.

What penalizes European law?

It is worth noting that not all products made from the cannabis plant are legal.

First, only those below 0.2% in terms of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Second, the products are developed from the seed and leaves of cannabis Sativa.

Instead, products made from tinctures or resins of the cannabis Sativa plant aren’t legal in Europe. These products have high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol, which can be harmful to health and have effects that alter brain activity.

For this reason, great attention should be paid when buying and acquiring cannabidiol-based products. There are currently a large number of physical and online stores where British and European citizens can legally purchase these products.

CBD and medical cannabis

Medical cannabis should not be confused with cannabidiol (CBD), a constituent molecule of cannabis. CBD products, also purchased for their proven or supposed therapeutic applications, do not have psychotropic effects since they do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the molecule present in the recreational version of cannabis.

Laws on CBD are constantly changing. Meanwhile you can order your CBD online legally at JustBob.shop in the UK and in most of the EU.

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